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If I was a 13-year-old girl I would totally be screaming my face off right now, becauseThe Jonas Brothers are working with the Salvation Army to help raise awareness for the Online Kettle program. 

The Salvation Army says that, “the Red Kettles have been an American tradition since 1891, and now this campaign allows you to host your own Online Red Kettle. By helping us fill our Red Kettles, you can become a vital part of our Christmas efforts to help those in need this Christmas season.”

While I think it’s great that they’re raising money for the poor, I’m a little shocked that they still say “Christmas” season and not “Holiday” season, right?  There are so many religions out there, why not celebrate them all? Anyway, that’s just a side note! Check out the Jonas Brothers video below!

  • Sarah

    It really shouldn’t “shock” you. The Salvation Army is a denomination of Christianity.

    Ugh already starting the political-correctness of Christmas v. Holiday?

    Its freedom of expression. Thanks!

  • Kyle

    It’s great that they try to do good, but in their pursuit they stomp on the rest of us (not the Jonas Bros but the Salvation Army).

    According to The Advocate “the Bush administration was ‘willing to do whatever it takes to perpetuate, support, and defend discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals’ in exchange for The Salvation Army’s lobby support for Faith-Based Initiatives, in what the publication described as a ‘secret arrangement’.”

  • Katie

    those dumbasses…

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  • JC

    Kyle’s got it right! Why give the SA a platform in ecorazzi?

  • parrish

    JC- You learn something new everyday! Didn’t know a lot about the group prior.

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