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Earlier this week, a Japanese ship called the Nisshin Maru left port to begin hunting and killing an expected 1,000 whales. As they’ve done many years before, the Sea Shepherd Society is readying their boat — the Steve Irwin — to leave port from Australia and disrupt the Japanese efforts. It’s an annual confrontation that’s been recently documented in Animal Planet’s new television series Whale Wars.

This year, actress Daryl Hannah is joining the crew of the Sea Shepherd; headed by Captain Paul Watson. “Daryl is joining our group,” Watson was quoted as saying by Australia’s national AAP news agency. “She’ll be on board — she’s joining us at the end of the month.”

Last year, Sea Shepherd’s tactics helped halve the quota of the Japanese fleet, resulting in a $70 million dollar loss. It wasn’t easy, however, as Watson himself was shot during one of the forays. “I was wearing a bullet-proof vest, ” he told an Australian newspaper, “but the bullet hit my badge (an anti-poaching badge) so I had this bullet and I jokingly gave it to the guy who played Grissom in CSI (actor William Petersen) – he’s one of our supporters – and said ‘Hey, take a look at this because no one else will.’

Joining Hannah — and a crew of over 40 volunteers — will once more be a filming crew from Animal Planet. I guess we can look forward to season two of Whale Wars. Here’s to hoping everyone makes it back safe.

The Steve Irwin leaves port to search for the Japanese whaling fleet on December 1st.

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  • Ozzie

    I understand that Daryl Hannah will only go from Brisbane to New Zealand on the ship and then depart, not going to the Antarctic with the ship. Have you heard otherwise?

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  • http://ecorazzi Artemis Asproyerakas

    Thankfully for the whales, for the planet, for ALL of us, this small extremely brave group of dedicated activists has stepped up, where our governments would not, and has risked their lives to save these magnificent beings for future generations and because it is the right thing to do. I could not even imagine a world without whales. My thoughts are with everyone aboard the Steve Irwin for a mission accomplished and a safe return home.

  • Pooboy

    After watching several episodes of Sea Shepherd’s stupidity on Whale Wars I decided to send a donation to the Japanese Whalers.
    Save the Whalers!

  • Steve Mizen

    The taste for whale meat in Japan was created by the threat of starvation and lack of protein after the end of WW2, the American occupation and administration of Japan supported whaling as a stop gap measure.The majority of consumption of whale meat is supported by this WW2 generation and the baby boomers that followed,they are now rapidly dying out! What must be achieved now is a two pronged approach of DIRECT ACTION such as the “Steve Irwin” and an intensive AD-education/political campaign discouraging the younger generation from developing a taste (hence a financially viable market) for this magnificent species which is so important to the seas ecology and humanity,in the end economics and market forces will deal the death blow to the whaling industry.May Poseidon protect you, return safe and triumphant,the world media is watching!

  • Matt

    They need to check International law. Boarding a ship without permission is piracy. This group should be arrested.

  • claire stokoe

    Go Daryl go..i hope you all get back ok x

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  • Leroy

    Sea Sheperd is the best Enviromental Group in the world. Onlike Greenpeace, the actually stop the whales from dying, instead of just filming them and taking pictures. GO SEA SHEPERD!!!


    I only wish I could help the Japanese. If I could id take my AK and shoot the shit out of your little boats and kill your captian. god damn pirates!

  • Olafsson F.

    Why not look at the country that kills most whale in the world today the USA.

    • joe

      no, were not. theres a few native tribes that hunt whales still, but ona a substnance basis. there iterally in canoes and off the ice with spears and such. and single japanese whaler catches more whales in one season than the tribes 10 year quotas.

  • Gerald Gatcomb

    Daryl, you are brave to be doing what you believe in. Most of us sit back on our laurels and just talk, you act. I wish I could be there on board as well, but physically unable. Spiritually I am there cheering all of you on to stop the killing of famililies of whales, yes, just like we humans, they live in families and care for their young. They live in peace, which should be ashmed of ourselves that we can’t. The whales that are being hunted are protected species.

  • Prethenie

    I think it’s awesome, that this program is being aired. A friend sent a story to me, of four men spending several hours, cutting fishing nets off of a female Whale, that was having difficulty staying near the surface.

    When freed, she swam a bit in happy circles, then returned, and gently nudged each individual before leaving.

    So many times, I wonder how to remain peaceful. If we sit back, we will all be dead. Everything on this planet, that is dear to us, is being destroyed by greed. All life.

    Sea Shepherd, Captain, Crew, Supporters, All Involved….We Honor You.

    Someone with lots of cash, get this group a new helicopter, and anything else they need to stop this madness!!!

  • David Jaime

    Maybe the Japanese will sink there ship then they will pull the plug on these idiots.

    • joe

      that would only shut down the japanese. if they kill anyone it will hopefully draw the attention it deserves and they will be shut down.

  • Exotic

    What a waste of effort,they need to apply all these tantrums on something that actually needs our help.

  • Larrythe4cuzr

    Paul knows that the Japanese is responding with armed escorts and they have been declared a “terrorist organization” thus paving the way for them to use deadly force to protect the Japanese Fleet. Daryl Hannah will serve as a very public human shield against possible actions on behalf of the gunboats that will be accompanying the whalers. Paul I don’t like the way you use others as pawns in your campaign. You are going to get somebody seriously hurt if you keep using humans your personal game pieces. Why don’t you lay it all down and go to the front lines yourself? Get on a delta and board one of those whaling vessels unannounced. It is easy to hide in your quarters and question others dedication to die for whales or risk imprisonment in a foreign nation. That is why you got the hell out of town in the 90s when the Soviets chased you down. Instead you’re a media whore at the expense of other’s lives.

    • joe

      hes on the ship, and sometimes goes out on deck to throw stuff. he got shot once. and for decades he was on the front lines, in the boats and all. he is the leader of the organization, and hes getting older, so hes not going to be in the small boats. hes the one driving the ship aot and directing you see a general right out on the front lines, shooting insurgents? do navy admirals go on pt boats on raids? no, they are in safer areas where they can lead the force they command. and paul is on the steve irwin for these campagins so he is on the front lines.

  • Eco-fighter

    Daryl has already jumped ship. She was the only shield of hope they had. I expect a Japanese attack sub will send the Steve Irwin to the bottom this year…

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  • W. Jackson

    Hanna joined the ship for a short photo-op period; she did not venture anywhere near the Japanese.

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  • Zek

    Paul and crew are pirates and should be arrested… Japan doesn’t care about SS- they won’t make any difference

  • http://hannajoins John Ramsted

    its time we as human beings take control our planet and take control of our environment in a responsible maner instead of trusting our governments. Hats off to the Steve Irwin crew for having the guts to take the risks to stand up for what they know is right. God speed to you all

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