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“I think we need more vegan junk food. Who has time when you’re out in the world to get something quick? Why can’t we have a dollar menu? So many people don’t respond to animal rights as a whole because they know they will have to change their lifestyle so drastically. Why not make it easier for them?”

- Singer Nellie Mckay telling the Vegetarian Journal what she thinks might help the movement. To check out the entire interview, visit the Vegetarian Journal. If you’d like to read Ecorazzi’s convo with the star, simply click here!

  • Vegan Eating Out Menu

    That was part of the reason I started my site! I completely agree – it needs to be easier if we want more people to try.

  • VeggieTart

    She has a point–I would love a vegan cheapy menu as well–but chances are the food would be really, really BAD for you, and it’s not the sort of thing vegans should be eating every day.

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