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It’s not common that I use the words “awesome” and “polluter” in the same sentence, but this is some of the coolest polluting I’ve ever seen! Daredevil pilot Eric Scott flew across the Royal Gorge in Canon City, Colorado yesterday by use of a jet-powered backpack. I repeat: A FRIGIN JET-POWERED BACKPACK!!!! Come on, ya’ll — that’s just sweet! 

Scott DID successfully cross the Gorge, but his jet pack burned through two tanks of hydrogen peroxide based fuel in about 33 seconds. Yikes! So while this stunt was pretty incredible, let’s all just cross our fingers that the personal jet-pack doesn’t become the new iPod. 

Check out the video below!


  • B

    Well, you got my attention seeing your, “…Awesome Polluter!” headline on Google News. I’m a concerned earth citizen interested in better stewarding the environment. Unfortunately, the article only fearfully blabbed and whined without explaining how the burning of hydrogen peroxide creates pollution.

  • J. Riess

    Awesome, impractical, whatever –

    But polluting? Hardly — the exhaust from a hydrogen peroxide rocket is steam (water) and oxygen.

  • Matt

    Come on guys, do a little chemistry.

    When hydrogen peroxide is used as “rocket propellant”, the products are steam (water), oxygen, and heat. If other additives were in the fuel then maybe the products were different but check out the web page above for more info. I am all for environmental friendliness, but I am also for education.
    Also, Eric Scott rocks!