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Between Mary’s fur catastrophe and Maggie’s Vuitton nightmare, this winter we’ve seen way too many famous faces sporting cruel coats. But it isn’t totally hopeless! There are still plenty of Hollywood hotties out there rocking compassionate fashion and joining in TODAY to celebrate Fur-Free Friday!

Fur-Free Friday is an annual event that takes place the Friday after Thanksgiving and aims to educate people about the horrors suffered by fur-bearing animals. Organized originally in 1986 by grassroots activists to abolish the fur trade, Fur-Free Friday has grown to be one of the most widely attended annual demonstrations of the animal rights movement. Through protests, education, and the promotion of cruelty-free fashion, Fur-Free Friday participants give a voice to the millions of animals who suffer and die each year.

Wanna get involved? If you live in a major city, chances are there’s something going on right in your neighborhood. Check out to see a list of events happening in YOUR area. Happy Fur-Free Friday!!

  • Melisser; the Urban Housewife

    Is the redhead Lacey from Rock of Love?!

  • Fur Farmers

    Why do you consider protesting natural fibers “green”? Why do you consider supporting oil-based synthetic fibers over natural fibers “green”? It makes no sense. See

  • Banthe Furtrade

    To “Fur Farmers”: You can claim fur is “green” all you like. That won’t change the fact that is an incredibly cruel and COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY industry. Give it up, it WILL soon be abolished!