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“We love Ringo… In the world that we live in you’re not supposed to say that, so he’s always getting in trouble for speaking his mind… I think it’s a good quality. It’s called honesty, actually.”

Paul McCartney speaking in Ringo Starr’s defense after the former-Beatle recieved a backlash when he asked fans to stop sending letters for the sake of Mother Earth. Ecorazzi supports Starr’s request and is pleased to hear that Paul McCartney does to. The frigin Beatles are still sooooo awesome!

  • erin

    they are so awesome and i still think paul is adorable (even if he is older than my father ;-)


  • Timothy Baran

    See what pot smoking does after years of it? PM & Ringo are a couple of limosine liberal fops,…I regret to say.
    Every time they’re in the news they’re sucking up to the ‘zietgeist’ of the moment. How sad, considering the music they once were capable of creating, they just don’t know when to get off the stage.

  • Carol

    Since Sir Paul has been a vegetarian for 30 years, it’s hard to see how his recent letter constitutes “sucking up the to zeitgeist of the moment.” Since he can also hold thousands of people in the palm of his hand at concerts, and get larger numbers dancing in the streets, using music he created as a Beatle and music he created last year, it appears that you, NFLanOF, have not been keeping up with your Beatles history. At least you’re only using electrons to offer your opinion, and haven’t killed a twig to inform us of your thoughts. I am grateful for that, and grateful for the continued musical skill and moral leadership of the Beatles.

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  • Susan

    The “Green” excuse was something that Ringo came up with days after he put out his asinine video. His “Green” excuse was in response to the public flogging he got. It’s called damage control. Here’s Ringo’s video, in case anyone would like to check the facts. There is nothing “Green” in here. Just a BIG warning, like I would waste a stamp on someone who had limited talent and became the world’s luckiest man by stimbling across three geniuses.

  • Anne Gaffney

    If Sir Paul is backing Ringo’s comments its fine by me. I have Paul’s very beloved, most cherished autograph he gave me in 1975 so dont really care if I dont get Ringo’s
    peace & love Guys xx
    Anne Gaffney, Glasgow

  • Jeremy

    I want to say that Ringo is truly awesome, and I support his decision about fan mail. He is also true to his word. My 14 year old daughter, a huge Beatles fan, sent him a letter October 14,2008. On 11-30-08, she received a reply and autograph from Ringo. It made her so happy that she nearly passed out!!! Thanks Ringo for making my daughter so happy, and being true to your word and fans.

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