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We’re so awesomely terrible at these wedding rumors (see: Jen and John planing a green wedding), that I wouldn’t be surprised if The Sunday Telegraph is once more setting us up for disappointment.

According to their exclusive information, Orlando Bloom and longtime girlfriend Miranda Kerr are engaged. “The wedding is planned for the middle of next year, when both have a break from work commitments,” the article states. “Bloom and Kerr, who live together in New York, celebrated their engagement with a romantic getaway in Venice last week.”

Will there be a green wedding? Will Kerr finally get that vegetable patch, gaggle of kids, and a solar-powered home? Will Stella McCartney design her dress?

Jesus, I need a drink. Don’t be surprised if publicists for both shoot these rumors down. More info available here.

[UPDATE: As expected, the “exclusive” story is apparently not true. More details over on JustJared.]

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  • Ally

    What is Orlando doing with her? I saw the other article on the female half of the “green” couple and how she spends all her time flying around. She takes a private jet while he flies economy (when he absolutely has to) because it’s better for the planet. And I so agree – we’ll probably get told in about two days that the wedding plans are actually a load of crap.

  • Jo

    His publicist (as usual) will neither confirm nor deny the report. Her publicist and her family will be all over the Daily Telegraph (as usual) because the paper seems to print whatever is fed to them. This story would hold much more water if it was exclusive to a publication with a better reputation, but I suspect none of them were interested in a panty model and her washed up actor boyfriend.

    The funniest thing about this story? That they have to wait until the middle of next year to marry when they both have a break from work commitments.

    Other than his cameo in NY I Love You earlier this year, can someome remind me of the last time Orlando Bloom worked? The loved up pictures of the lovebirds at the movies and restaurants and places like Spain, Paris and NY that seem to get released every 5 or 6 weeks don’t count.

    This is probably some great publicity for the VS show that’s due to broadcast on 3 December though.

  • rizzy

    Ahh man, why do you have to get engaged. Gosh. She barely started her career.
    regards: rizzy

  • Star

    Orlando and Miranda? Man … it’s unbelievable. How green is she really? I know Orlando is an environmentalist, but … I don’t know.

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