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Brad Pitt Green HomesBrad Pitt has graced the cover of many magazines over the span of his acting career, but he’s probably particularly proud of showing up on this month’s Architectural Digest. Outside of entertainment, architecture is a passion for the 44-year-old — especially that which integrates sustainability in design.

The magazine is spotlighting Pitt for his work in New Orleans through his Make It Right Foundation. “I couldn’t believe nothing was going on,” he said of his first visit to the devastated Lower 9th Ward. “I recalled the pictures of people on roofs, begging for help and I couldn’t believe that this was our America.”

As we now know, Pitt resolved to make a difference and brought together architects, residents and community leaders to draw up guidelines for rebuilding. Not only would the new homes be affordable, but they would also embody green technology, sustainable design — and most importantly — be adapted to survive the tumultuous weather of New Orleans.

With 150 homes on the drawing board to be completed, Pitt and his foundation are looking forward to bringing back the Lower 9th Ward — and using that model for other areas around the world. “We’ve cracked something here…these houses redefine affordable housing…this is a proving ground for a bigger idea that could work globally,” he told the magazine. “This project is not mine anymore. It’s so beyond me.”

Look for the full article in the January ’09 issue of Architectural Digest. For more info on Pitt’s work in New Orleans, check out our full coverage here.

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  • erin

    honestly i’ve grown really tired of his face in the news.

  • Manny

    It’s good to see that he has seen this project all the way through.

  • jhoey27

    To Erin, you get tired of seeing Brad’s face in the news but I bet you don’t get tired of seeing useless good for nothing faces in the news. What is wrong with hearing and seeing a person doing good for others, not only by throwing in money but doing it hands on as well. What have you done for the needy lately?

  • julie


    well said.

  • erin

    dear jhoey27,

    i must have missed your past posts as I don’t recall you posting here before.. i knew my comment would anger at least a few folks… hey, i think it’s great what brad and angelina do – but, like millions of others, i’m kinda tired of the media darlings… and a few items of hypocrisy on the menu. but i won’t even go into it because God forbid we say anything besides praise and love to the King and Queen. Please don’t punish me for my comment.

    Also besides volunteering last week and a fundraiser that i’m helping to put on (second annual- yeah, in 3 days) i certainly don’t do as much as Prince Pitt…. But then again I’m also not perfect like he is ;)

  • chines

    Good grief! When I see the remarks made by people like Erin, I am totally baffled as to why they bother to check out the web sites featuring Pitt & Jolie. What is it that keeps drawing you to these sites? Sensible people NEVER bother to seek out information about people for which they have a dislike. What’s wrong with you? You sit and deliberately wait for an opportunity to attack. Get professional help and try to determine what’s causing this behavior. I wish you success in that endeavor.

  • mamabear

    Hmmm…. Erin, please explain your reference to hypocrisy in regards to Pitt and his honest efforts to improve the way we might build green homes and or commerical buildings. Or as you referred to him as king (prince)? can’t be both.

    I truly am baffled why people in the profession of architeture can see the potential (never mind who he is)of the good that can come of projects such his and numerous others, while your views seem too critical and a very jaded. God does forbid speaking ill of others. Punishment is between you and your maker.

    Anger is not the issue here, (anti) is. This means opposed to, opposite, against. Here, with your comments it means you are anti anything positive, good for the people, no matter the hows or the path that makes it happen.

    And while I don’t know millions of people (who could)or how they feel, nor can I fathom how you could know this either. It does seem you do suffer from an enormous amount of ignorance. For this is blaringly obvious with your comments, that are not only unconstructive but very personal, that you would feel compelled to toot your own horn. Now while I might not know you or millions perse, your need to showcase your selfless acts (while very commendable am sure)is what I believe you would call the height of hypocrisy (pretense of virtue).Perfect? hmmm…Try to think for yourself and not fall for the propaganda the media outlets feed you. Oh that means to spread prejudiced opinions to influence people so the media can make lots and lots of money. For shame Erin!

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  • erin – i stand corrected

    Yes yes, I know.. I expect to get heat on here and no support for speaking my mind on these two. But quite frankly it’s hard to feel love for Angelina who stole Brad away from Jennifer and Brad who left his wife for Mizz Jolie.. I just don’t find them particularly sincere. I tried. I did. And perhaps I do let the media(blogs etc) influence me with their articles calling them hypocrites (him building a 5 star hotel in Dubai etc) I am entitled to my opinion.. Prince King, hypocrite whatever you want to call him. I just am not feeling the sincerity. Please forgive me for stating on my opinion on these two royalty. You’d think I’d insulted the queen or something. but that’s ok. i’m not afraid to go against the grain.

    more later. gotta go do something charitable.


  • liz


    Brad Pitt is a cheater and he lied. But I have to disagree about seeing his face repeatedly. it’s still great what he’s doing for the environment. At least he’s trying to make up for his atrocious behavior.

    Here’s a better link.

  • ina

    hey erin…..


    why are you so affected? and you’re telling us jolie-pitt’s charity work is full of hypocrisy? what about you posting here about doing something charitable? know what i think? you hate them because you don’t get recognition for what you are doing unlike them….how pathetic :(

  • erin

    mama bear- i was asked a direct question; when was the last time i did something for charity. so i answered the question. it was not “tooting my own horn”

    as i said in my original post – i am all for the charity work they’ve done.. adopting the kids they did (i too am adopted by similar parents) and helping the hurricane victims (i lost a house to a hurricane (i live in florida!) and my family had two homes totaled by tornadoes!)

    with that said, i still think they are media darlings.. i’m not going to back pedal. i get a bit tired of seeing brad pitt’s face sometimes…. what baffles me (besides the fact that two people both used the word baffle- that’s rather peculiar – up above) is that people psychoanalyze me and tell me of my deep rooted emotional problems as a child and some stuff because I said something about Brad Freakin Pitt a very pretty actor no doubt who sometimes i get tired of seeing … Insane… but funny ;)


  • Claudia

    People fall in love!! and stop loving all the time.

    Maybe Brad Pitt was tired of the superficial, self centered life he used to live.
    He and Angelina jolie are helping many because they can and most important because the want to.
    Wich is more than I can say for others.
    There are some that prefer to live a supeficial life.
    All they do is attend fancy parties, tanning in Baja and spend their millions and the energy fixing their nose ears, face breast and toning their body so they can apear nude in a magazine.
    Trying so desperately to become an A lister Film actor caliber, and only doing the ocasionaly charity work for the photo shoot.

    Their shalow minds can not grasp that beauty it is found within.

    It is really sad when somebody thinks that love is about looks and not about the whole package.

    Sometimes people have this adoration for TV caracters, and mistakenly think that their sitcom hero or heroin is the same as the real person.

  • banana

    Brad Pitt all the way!!
    Whatever you guys say about him, he is still the best!

  • mamabear

    erin, that made no sense at all. I think you talk just hear your own voice. And your poor me speech about look what have been thorough! This alone maybe speaking volumes as to why you view them with some animosity. You do seem to care alittle too much. And your responses are a bit too angry sounding if any. It leave one wonder who you are angry with?