Some of the biggest names in music are donating their names and talent to support (RED)WIRE — a new digital magazine aimed at helping fight the spread of AIDS in Africa.

If that RED names sounds a little familiar, it’s because (RED)WIRE is an offshoot of the activist organization RED founded by U2 frontman Bono last year. Not only will the magazine be digital (thus SUPER green), but all proceeds will benefit HIV-infected people in Africa.

For only 5 dollars a year you can subscribe to (RED)WIRE and receive a new issue every Wednesday, featuring an exclusive song from a major musician, a song from a new performer and a multimedia presentation about how the organization is helping Africans in need. SIGN ME UP!

Oh and you better believe the music is gonna rock, because about a bazillion stars are getting involved like: U2, Coldplay, the Dixie Chicks, John Legend, REM, Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, the Police, Sheryl Crow, Keith Urban, Elton John and Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys.

To find out more and get YOUR subscription, visit!

  • carl dinsmore

    I love music and it has helped me some tough times. I am going on 10 years living with the virus and I am healhy and happy. My viral load is under 50 parts per, and my Doctor thought I would be best to take a med holiday and that was 3 year ago and I am still fat and sassy!
    My blog is about a variety of topics and links to great sites, etc. I would love for you all to visit my blog! I am placing yours on mine! Keep up the good work,

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