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Sarah McLachlan has teamed up with the ASPCA in a new commercial to help shed light on the thousands of innocent animals who are abandoned each year.

In the ad, McLachlan says, “This holiday season thousands of innocent, loving animals will be abandoned, left alone to suffer and die, and they need your help right now. For just 18 dollars a month — only 60 cents a day — you’ll help rescue animals who have been left to die, and you’ll provide shelter, food and love. It’s the greatest gift you can give to an animal who needs you.”

Here at Ecorazzi we fully support both Sarah and the ASPCA and look forward to hearing more about all their wonderful work in the future! So check and out the video below, and then make sure you stop by to help make a difference to an animal in need today!

  • VeggieTart

    She’s apparently been a longtime supporter. Last year, she had similar PSAs with her song “Angel” playing that asked people to be an “angel” to the animals.

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  • Gary Gifford

    Sara i need some help!
    i dont where else to turn to .im a member and i lost my companion i have medical problems and i need a dog ( lab ) to take me to the stores, im scared to go on my own i have lupus and an more i watch you on tv and see those pets tears run. and i wish i could help. i will wite you more later.
    please sara can you help me. Gary