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“I love my dog. She’s a cross-breed and so cute. I grew up with the dogs sleeping in the bed. My boyfriend found that odd the first few times he stayed over. The dog will stay in the bed before the man will.”

- Kate Bosworth making it very clear that no dude is gonna push Lila, her rescued dog, out of the bed! Does your partner have a problem with your puppy-sleeping ways? Chime in and share your stories!

  • Elaine Vigneault

    My husband and I share the bed with one dog but the other one sleeps in her own bed. Our bed is just too small for everyone ;)

  • jennbreck

    I find a partner’s animals to be a real turn off in the bedroom. Maybe Kate’s men are feeling the same way.

    Btw, she’s hosting this party tomorrow night if you wanna catch some more quotes:

    You gonna be there reporting ecorazzi? Seems like your sort of event.

  • brad

    She loves dogs but she likes to “wear” the other furry animals.

  • Hilary

    Dogs before men in bed – I agree!! Any man WORTH letting into my bed will accept my two dogs as part of the package! (Of course, during ‘grown-up time’ they get put out of the bedroom and given chew sticks to keep them occupied. I am not a freak!)

  • erin

    lol Hilary I’m with you on that one. And by the way; my 16.5 year old cat has turned many a non cat lovers into die hard cat fans. one ex bf asked for joint custody of her when we split ;) i said nooooo way!


  • VeggieTart

    Whenever my boyfriend moans about my cat sleeping on the pillow he uses, I remind him that she’s there all the time, and he’s there only one day a week.

  • The Discerning Brute

    OMG, Enzo always sleeps under the cover, cruled up behind my knees or against my belly! Not always a c***blocker, but sometimes…. :)