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Famous artist Francesca Galeazzi recently turned heads while joining Treehugger Founder Graham Hill, and beatboxer Schlomo on a trip to the Arctic hosted by Cape Farewell — an organization bringing together leading artists, writers, scientists, educators and media for a series of expeditions into the Arctic. 

In an effort “to throw a comment on why society is so resistant to change,”  Galeazzi took a cyclinder containing 6kg of pure CO2, placed it in the most beautiful untouched place she could find and opened the valve. Naturally all the CO2 was released into the atmosphere in front of the Cape Farewell team and crew, all of whom had travelled to the Arctic in order to help in the fight against climate change. Now that takes BALLS!! 

The key part of Galeazzi’s piece, aptly named ‘Justifying Bad Behaviour,’ was the fact that the artist had offset her 6kg cylinder of CO2 before she even set out on the trip, therefore presumably justifying her bad behavior. 

“Instead of embracing change, we are inventing new mechanisms to greenwash our consciences, in a way,” Galeazzi said. “I didn’t want to say that carbon offsetting is bad because I believe it plays a role within our strategy to tackle climate change. But not as a starting point. It can come in when we’ve done all we can to reduce carbon emissions, all we can to think about the way we use resources, recycle, we produce waste. Only then we can begin to offset our carbon emissions… but not at the start.” 

What do you think about all this artistic hullabaloo? Was it worth the 6kg of pollution to prove a point, or was this a wasteful experiment? Chime in and share your thoughts! 

photo credit: cape farewell

  • fbr

    And by “offset her 6kg cylinder of CO2″ she means that she paid enough money to Al Gore or another climate prophet to say “your sins are forgiven”. Carbon offsets are nothing but modern day indulgences.

  • j

    environmental infighting is juicy.

    a ton is a ton. offsets finance reduction projects. capital flow mobilizes low carbon entrepreneurs in developing nations to think about carbon reductions. naysers make valid points: better regulation, transparency, and accounting are necessary. but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. a ton is a ton.