Oh man, this is most definitly the funniest thing I’ve seen all month! In protest of California’s Prop 8 — a ballot proposition that changed the state Constitution to restrict the definition of marriage to a union between a man and a woman — a few outspoken stars recently got together to record a little musical diddy!

Margaret Cho, Andy Richter, Maya Rudolph, John C. Reilly, Allison Janney, Kathy Najimy, Rashida Jones, Sarah Chalke, Jack Black, Neil Patrick Harris and Marc Shaiman all partcipated in the music video which premiered exclusively on FunnyorDie.com!

Check out the video below. Trust me…IT’S HYSTERICAL!!!!!

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  • http://www.ecorazzi.com michael

    Wow. Jesus rules. Awesome.

  • http://www.thumbtackpress.com tony

    Wow… that was really dumb and unfunny.

  • Tvayamatb

    Brilliant! Now I really believe it’s okay for gays to be married.

  • Chris

    I`m all for Proposition 8, but ya gotta love Jack Black as Jesus. (and who could argue with Jesus?)

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  • Nikki

    Proposition 8 was the most hateful and absurd thing that California has seen in forty years. It’s absolutely okay for gay people to get married, there’s no valid reason to think otherwise. I’m glad to see that more people are speaking out against it…too bad they waited until after it passed.

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  • http://ecorazzi Fran

    Grow up, your side lost the vote. Other, who have just as much say on things as you, decided against your position. Sorry if that stings but, it doesn’t make them “hateful”. There is nothing “absurd” to say that marriage should be defined as something between a man and a women. It has been so in every culture for over the last 5 thousand years. Only now are people trying to say same sex partners should be “married”.

  • paranoid

    Don’t worry Fran since the majority who voted overwhelmingly yes were young voters it is simply a matter of time till this is overturned. Enjoy your small victory of reducing others rights, but it won’t last long.

    Congrats to the yes on prop 8 people who voted because they were told to be afraid of people that have nothing to do with you or your children. Congrats on your bigot ways, if your going to follow the bible then why don’t you follow it more closely…or is it just easier to cut and paste what you want to follow…laughable!

  • paranoid

    oh and Fran…check on the greek and roman cultures…you may be surprised…learn some history before you look like a fool trying to spout off half truths.

  • Anonymous Prop 8 Supporter

    My personal opinions are too valuable to me to be swayed by Hollywood actors who make random and unsupported declarations. For example, it is clear that the writers of this skit haven’t learned about the fulfillment of the Law of Moses and the higher law that Christ taught. How is media like this helping us choose “love instead of hate”?

  • Di

    Fantastic video and such truth to it. To me, it is very simple. Prop 8 is discriminatory and unfair. And yes, hateful and bigoted in my eyes. I am not gay, but 100% support the gay folks and hope they can soon have the same rights as any other tax paying individual.

  • Anonymous Prop 8 Supporter

    Where is the hate coming from?

    Jonah Goldberg of LA Times reports:

    At a pro-gay-marriage rally in Los Angeles after the vote, chants of “Mormon scum!” were reported. Envelopes containing white powder have been sent to Mormon temples in California and Utah; vandals hit other temples. Lists of businesses to boycott — essentially Mormon blacklists — have sprung up on the Internet. The artistic director of the California Musical Theatre resigned because of pressure after it was revealed he gave $1,000 to a pro-Proposition 8 group. It’s amazing. Hollywood liberals, who shout “McCarthyism!” as a first resort, see nothing wrong with this. If Jews were attacked in this way for giving too much money to a political cause, Barbra Streisand would already have a French passport.

  • http://www.ecorazzi.com michael

    “For example, it is clear that the writers of this skit haven’t learned about the fulfillment of the Law of Moses and the higher law that Christ taught.”

    Religion should play no role in this. End of story.

  • the constitution

    Paranoid – Try to be educated before you post. Where in the constitution is marriage is a right? I mean have you read the constitution? I have and its not there.

    If you dont believe marriage needs to be redefined how does that make you a bigot? What we cant have an opinion unless its yours – thats bigotry.

    And if marriage is so damn important, then why dont you change your opinion to what makes sense – get the government out of marriage and put it back to the churches.

    Di – same rights as tax paying individual? So you are or arent for equal rights? Last time I checked people who were married and had kids, get more tax credits than a single individual or a married couple without kids. where’s the equality there? What about the people who dont pay any taxes? That does seem equal.

    It amazes me how there are so many uneducated americans whose only argument to support their position is one of feelings. If you are going to have an opinion, back it up with actual argument not words that sound good. Try reading the constitution too that might help you.

    Im proposing a proposition to redefine marriage between a person and their cat.
    Equal rights to cat lovers. You dont vote for it, Im going to personally go down and throw cat litter on you.

    Take your so-called tolerance and shove it.

  • paranoid

    I may not be entirely tolerant of all people. I don’t care for child molestors, people who marry their own family members and so on, but that fact you try and compare two adults who choose to marry the same sex to those who would like to molest a child or marry their cat is just silly.

    What I am seeing is people were tricked into being scared of something that had NOTHING to do with them. It doesn’t affect them and it would bring in money for the state (which is beside the point). To say children will be taught about and be turned gay is very silly.

    Explain to me how these people getting married in any way affects you, let God sort it out him/her/itself. Also rewriting the constitution is overstepping the bounds of both religion and government.

    You want to marry your cat then so be it, it does not affect me, just as this doesn’t affect you.

  • http://www.veganeatingout.com/burgerking.html Vegan Burger King Menu

    I had to laugh. Thanks!

  • http://prop8isgay.com JF

    This is outstandingly funny and amazing! We should all have the right to decide to get married!


  • Kyle

    This video was pretty funny. “Obamanation”!!

    Anyway for the prop 8 supporters, when a majority votes against equal rights for a minority population, that is unjust and unconstitutional. Mob rule never works for long. And this issue is not something that should have been voted on in the first place. What happens between two loving, consenting adults is none of your or the state’s business.

    Fran, just because something has been done for 5,000 years makes it okay? Stoning for women, slavery, and torture have also been done for thousands of years. The human race is constantly evolving and becoming more sensitive to their fellow humans and animals. Get on board or get left behind.

  • Kyle

    Constitution…since marriage is not defined as a right in the constitution, that would make it okay for us gays to take away straight peoples’ right to marry if the tables were turned? Stop trying to cloud the issue with your self-proclaimed intelligence.

  • Min Min

    Jack Black needs to do more Jesus.

  • fbr

    Fran, the same argument you’re using against the right of gay people to be married was used against the right of black people to vote. Societies evolve, our definitions and laws must too.

  • Tom

    Umm…. Where were they two months ago? Please remind me? Not they ride in on white horsed, not that the battle has been lost. Give me a f*cking break!

  • VeggieTart

    Fran, until relatively recently gays had no rights at all. And 5,000 years ago, women were property to be passed from father to husband; this clearly is no longer the case. So I really don’t want to hear how marriage was done however many years ago. Heck, as recently as 150 years ago, marriages were to cement alliances, not for love.

    Constitution says, how about we get the churches out of marriage and leave it all to the government, since most of the financial and legal benefits of marriage are through the state/nation? A couple can have a church ceremony if they so choose. And any church would be well within its rights to deny me a straight marriage, as I don’t belong to any religious organization.

    And as Jack Black’s Jesus points out, the same bible that declares homosexuality an abomination also declares shellfish, pork, and wearing clothing of mixed fabrics an abomination, but I don’t see the Mormons coming out against cotton-lycra blends.

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  • fbr

    VeggieTart, while I agree with your first two points completely, the last point is a common false argument that I hope people (typically on my side of the debate) would stop making. There is a very good reason why Christians don’t follow the rules about diets or mixing of fabrics: Only moral laws (like homosexuality being an abomination) are to be followed while ritualistic laws (like not mixing fabrics or eating shellfish) are no longer valid since the resurrection of Jesus. There are other similar rules, which might seem silly to non-believers, but regardless they are self-consistent thus cannot be trivially discarded.

  • The Science Commenter

    Fbr is wonderful! Although he?she? is a pain in the ass at times, at least we can always count on being educated.

  • http://www.ecorazzi.com michael

    @ Science Commenter: Agreed!

  • TRU

    the bible, the bible, the bible, the mormons, the mormons, tne mormons… c’mon people let’s focus: this musical is absolutely F U N N Y Y Y Y Y!
    the most hilarious Jesus I have ever encounter. Jack Black for Jesus!

  • VeggieTart

    Well, FBR, I’m glad we agree on something. That’s as rare as a lunar eclipse.

    But how is homosexuality a moral law and consumption of certain foods or wearing of certain fabrics a ritualistic law? Who makes these decisions? I think it’s far more immoral to boil a lobster alive, for instance, than for two consenting adults to do whatever in the privacy of their bedroom.

    And since I grew up Jewish and have since become agnostic, the New Testatment doesn’t apply to me, nor does picking and choosing which parts of the bible to obey. Which is NOT consistent at all.

  • http://BrainyBlonde.com erin

    FBR- good posts… You always surprise me ;)

    As for Fran… I only knew one Fran in my life. She was a lesbian. I felt bad that people called her Fran the man… Ah I digress.

    Hey Fran you are WRONG with your ignorant comment about “every culture for the last 5 thousand years” being only for straight marriages.. Please let me set you straight (pun intended) See below. You might learn something.

    Some sectors of the Swedish Church (Lutherans) have long accepted and performed gay marriages. Some don’t of course but the former head Archbishop did support gay marriage. Also one of the current episcopalian bishops is openly GAY. Which is why the church is going to separate as you might have seen in the news lately.

    Also for years homosexuality has been accepted (and gay marriages performed) by Wicca and most pagan religions. As in Ancient GREECE!
    Universalist and tribalist Heathenism, Hinduism, Buddhism religions have long accepted gay marriages in different culutures. Also add Reform and some Conservative Jewish synagogues to the list (gaps!) Also believe it or not there are many Quakers, some Methodists, Unitarians, and some non-denominations have been open to gay marriages for centuries.

    Sorry to burst your bubble Fran. I suggest you go back to a real college and not that Bible school university ;)


  • Blah Blah

    Only moral laws… ok. Your still picking and choosing. The fact is your uncomfortable with idea of gay people getting married because then you might have to face your own sexuality. Like people who says its a choice to be gay. You choose to be straight. You had gay thoughts but choose to be straight. WOW

  • Hijiki

    As a bisexual male in a committed gay relationship, I am seeking input from the voters on who I should marry in the near future. Please help. Im not getting any younger here and the government has not been responding to my requests for guidance. Thank you citizens.

  • Hijiki

    p.s I know someone will mention this, “why don’t you marry a woman?” but the fact is I’m in love.

  • http://romegaroofer.com Curtis Grosz

    We’re pleased that Prop 8 has been overturned. So i am far from gay. Yet I’m friends with those who are. I merely don’t see what the big problem is about homosexual couples obtaining the exact same privileges we have now.