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In this day and age there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t be both fashionably and ethically hip! Enter: olsen Haus shoes! Designer Elizabeth Olsen has created an 100% cruelty- free product that is sneaking it’s way on the feet of some of the hottest celebs. Besides it’s vegan status, olsen Haus is committed to producing functional goods with a high standard of ethical social responsibility in animal and human rights. Ecorazzi recently sat down with the designer to find out more!

Ecorazzi: First off, what inspired you to design vegan shoes and how long have you been designing?

Elizabeth Olsen: I have always been involved in art, drawing and painting, and have been involved in the style world for 15 years. I’ve also been an “aware” and veg-friendly person for many years, so it was natural to take the love and inspiration of art, design, color and texture and merge it with my passion for saving animals and the environment. The main inspiration for designing my own line of vegan shoes was to create a source of style that wasn’t being filled in the market and to use that as a way to get information out about animals.

E: Do you find that designing shoes that are both vegan and environmentally sustainable go hand in hand or is it a bit of a challenge?

EO: Actually, it’s quite easy! As being vegan is naturally environmentally friendly, there are so many sustainable materials to great creative with. And even more are being developed as people and companies become more aware of the issues.

E: Which celebrities do you think have the best fashion sense and which celeb would you LOVE to get your shoes on?

EO: Anyone speaking and acting out for animals is hot, but celeb-wise olsen Haus has a few current celeb fans: Emily Deschanel, Chloe Jo Berman, Rory Freedman and Princess Superstar. There are a few celebs not wearing my shoes yet, but whom I really admire for their style and activism, people like: Chrissie Hynde, Persia White, Pink and Oprah.

E: Do you think vegetarians should have an obligation to avoid leather products?

EO: It goes in stages. Leather is from a dead animal, not a by-product. So yes, veg people do have an obligation to avoid leather – for the animals and the environment. It’s all interconnected! It’s the evolution of mankind to move away from dependence on animal and to live in harmony with them.

E: How long have you been vegetarian and what inspired you?

EO: I have been vegetarian for 20 years, and completely vegan for the last 2. I always knew intuitively that there was something wrong with meat. When I was 15 I saw a PETA pamphlet and immediately started the animal rights club at my high school. I am inspired daily by the overwhelming worldwide response to the line and the New York vegan crew. They’re really doing amazing work!

E: What’s coming up for the olsen Haus brand?

EO: Lots of continued growth of the women’s and children line, and I’ll be launching a men’s line soon as well. I’m looking for investors to get into clothing and food and of course further supporting organizations pushing for the animals – PETA, Farm Sanctuary, and the Humane Society. I’m inspired daily by this Margaret Meed quote:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

A big thanks to Elizabeth Olsen for taking the time to sit down and chat.  Check out all the great designs at And don’t forget, you can meet Elizabeth and sooooo many other famous folks tonight at Farm Sanctuary’s Winter Wonderland for the Animals benefit. We’ll definitely be there! 

  • ChaoticFat

    One question: Why do these shoes cost $215.00?

    I think vegans and environmentalist and whoever else needs to realize that if the “people” in the “environment” can’t afford to buy the products that are supposed to be good for the “environment”, then who is this really supposed to benefit.

    Believe me, I am no stranger to $200-$500 shoes, but if we are going to change this country and the ways in which we think about the environment and issues pertaining to what’s best for our animals, etc then the bs needs to stop. It seems to me that most of these people are trying to benefit themselves financially which is really kind of sad. I mean really, you mean to tell me that I have to pay $300 for a faux leather purse…get real, that’s not going to happen; for most of the “people” in this country that’s an outrageous extravagance when they can go to Payless and get the same faux leather purse for $25. Of course there are different price points for different people, but don’t claim that you are doing it for the animals and environment when you can produce the same product for less.

    Okay, I’ll get off my soap box now.

    Be well, CF

  • vegetarian

    I think what she is doing is absolutely wonderful. I hope to see more styles of hers in the future. There are some vegan shoes out there, but most of them are either not stylishly sexy and classy enough (think thin strappy stilettos) or are cheaply made (you can see they are not high quality close up).

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  • Paul Edwin Spells

    Hello, As you can see My name is Paul Spells and I admire your shoe designs. I have many drawings and creations of shoes and purses that I am trying to discover who do I contact to present my designs to? I live in Indianapolis, Indiana and I am not sure of who I need to talk to. I have already shown my designs to many every day people and they love them. They keep encouraging me to pursue this and find out who I need to talk to to get things going. Can you help ma in any way?