by Michael Parrish DuDell
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“China and India and other developing countries all have exactly the same excuse for not moving on the climate crisis. They say, the United States hasn’t done anything. When the U.S. acts it will be by far the most effective way to improve the odds that China and India and other smaller developing economies will also act. They know that it’s in their own interest to tackle this problem.”

- Al Gore discussing climate change in a recent interview with Newsweek magazine. To read the entire piece, visit!

  • RAIN

    hey Al go vegan first, then we will talk!

  • parrish

    Rain- EXACTLY! Talk about not leading by example, right?

    • mz

      Yeah, Jim’s right-you can’t have everything!

  • Jm

    What bull. You won’t do anything to solve this problem because Al Gore may have a steak once in a while? What a cheap lame cowardly cop out.