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A blushing Anne Hathaway stood on stage during the Cracked X-mas Fundraiser in Los Angeles Sunday night and decided to auction off a date for charity. “I’m not usually very forward, but I thought if there was ever a crowd for me to do something like this, this is my crowd so I would like to auction myself off,” Hathaway announced, “for drinks somewhere fabulous and basically get you totally s— faced. Tell me what I’m worth.”

By now you know that answer: $12,000. “I’m blushing,” Hathaway said during the bidding process. “Wow, I feel really good right now.” Three fans ended up winning the date — with all of the proceeds going towards the Trevor Project, a crisis helpline for LGBT youth.

$12K to get s—faced with Anne Hathaway? Sounds like a good time to me — as long as she’s buying. (grin)

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  • erin

    Scarlett Johansson got over 40,000 for a chance to “mingle” with her (all proceeds went to charity)

    But I applaud Ms. Hathaway nonetheless ;)


  • Gustavo

    Anne is way hotter, she would have lasted less if I was there (goodbye savings, loans, and probably live off the street for the rest of my life- but … nevertheless!)

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