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Bob Barker and Lily Tomlin are putting a smile on my face this morning as they campaign against a new elephant exhibit under construction at the Los Angeles Zoo.

“How many elephants have to die at the Los Angeles Zoo before the zoo comes to terms with the fact that it is impossible to have elephants in a zoo and remain healthy and happy?” says Barker. “Other zoos – the enlightened, progressive zoos – have already discontinued their elephant exhibits. Sixteen elephants have died in the Los Angeles Zoo. About half of them died before they reached the age of 20. In the wild elephants live 65 or 70 years. In zoos the average lifespan, I have read, is 34 years. But at the Los Angeles Zoo, some elephants are dying before they reach 20 years of age.”

They are also trying to “Save Billy,” the bull elephant who has resided at the zoo for 20 years. Barker even offered $100,000 of his own money to have Billy moved to a wildlife sanctuary in Northern California.

“They not only die early in zoos,” added Tomlin, “The word ‘zoo’ is sort of elephant speak for Guantanamo. They are suffering and being tortured daily just by virtue of their confinement.”

Like many others, for years I was unaware of the cruelty that most animals suffer at the hands of the world’s zoos. To find out more, visit!


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    It’s nice to see such respectable, wise people making good choices and speaking up. I wish more celebrities were so pronounced on issues that matter.

  • erin

    bob barker (and lily) are angels. the LA zoo sucks. i refused to go there the entire time i live there (or any zoo for that matter) all bad news but they’re the worst of the worst.

  • Rebecca

    Thank you Lily and Bob for helping to save zoo animals specifically Billy the elephant at the LA Zoo. I have contacted the zoo and all the LA City councilpeople. Everyone who cares about ending the suffering of this animal ( and others too of course )…please do something/anything. It isn’t about caring more for animals than humans, it is caring about all life. We are all connected on this planet.
    Elephants are not meant to be chained in small spaces, alone. They are social and need a lot of acres to walk and walk. Thank you again Lily and Bob for raising awareness.
    (Erin, I agree with you! The LA Zoo is the worst!)