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Earlier today we mentioned that while HSUS President Wayne Pacelle shared his thoughts about the new Britney Spears video, Circus, PETA had remained relatively quiet on the subject. Looks like we spoke too soon! In a new post on their blog, PETA writer Christine Dore says:

“As Britney is such a victim of the paparazzi and always complaining and crying about how she hates to be held up in her guarded house and can’t feel free, she of all people should be able to relate to the horror that captive animals go through when they’re used for entertainment… Animals are ripped away from their mothers at a young age, kept in chains, and prodded with electric shock devices to make them perform. That doesn’t sound so voluntary to me.”

But there’s more! PETA has set up an online form that lets people write to Britney (care of her manager, Larry Rudolph), urging the star to leave animals out of her future music videos, concerts, television performances, and promotions. Will Brit Brit listen? Only time will tell!!

To share your thoughts with Britney, visit PETA’s website.

  • lymn

    PETA = people eating tasty animals

  • Chris

    Shame on PETA for exploiting Britney to further their cause.

  • Ned

    guess Peta will hitch their wagon to any thing that will give them plublicity

  • gary Farkas

    screw PETA the animals dont feel it.

  • Run

    Will Brit listen? Well, duuuuh.
    Does she listen to anyone? And is she capable of critical thought? The answer to both questions appears to be a flat NO. She’s one of the stupidest people in show biz.


    I am confused. I thought that the animals in the video are played by dancers…that they are not real? I hope PETA is not made a fool if the animals are costumes. That would be a real HOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Who is calling who stupid? I am not sure that “STUPIDIST” is even a word in the english language! Pot Meets Kettle?

  • Steph

    well it looks like fans have found this story….enter mostly ingorant and childish comments.

    I am on the side of the animals, i feel WAY worse for them then for poor wiwwle brit brit.

    I hope more AR groups (HELLO not just PETA…they weren’t even the first on this….) put the pressure on.

    And…um…stupidest is a superlative form of stupid. Like big/biggest and it means

    THE MOST STUPID! And i agree…

  • Lianne

    Thanks for the blog! We definitely believe that Britney would be better off without the animal exploitation that goes into her circus act. She should know that being held captive is an awful thing, and shouldn’t want to inflict that pain on innocent animals. Read more about the entertainment industry’s abuse of animals here:

  • erin

    hey patricia,

    that yellow burmese python wrapped in the pic looks like my cousin mel. you’re right! i think they *are* played by humans dressed in costumes. how could we eco veggie people be so stupid!

    gawd, i think that the britney fan’s IQ is on par with britney’s (which isn’t on par with the animals’ who i think are far higher)

    after reading this front page new story today about animals being far more complex beings than we realize it saddens me even more to see these extremely bright emotional creatures (like pigs!) treated like they are.

    oh and another thing about burmese pythons; they have strangled their victims to death before (including humans) so brit, if you really are “human” (i have my doubts) watch out for the snakes. they might get ya.


  • Maiza

    I cannot wrap my mind around this kind of hypocrisy and selective hypocrisy.

    Alec Baldwin, Kim Basinger, Peter Dinklege, Joaquin Phonenix, and just about every single other PETA celeb has made movies that used live animals! They don’t mind taking a paycheck from a movie that uses animals, yet they rail against others who use them.

    PETA is a whore of the highest (lowest?) order.
    What a load of crap.

  • Maiza

    sorry, should read “selective criticism”

  • Dalena

    Britney Spears never think about what she is doing and I think it is cruel to animals