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“I respect what they do very much. That’s what put clothes on my back and paid for college. But cows were like my dogs. I named them, I played with them, I bottle-fed them. When I realized why we had cows, I couldn’t think of anyone eating my friends. It scared me, and I quit eating meat.”

-Carrie Underwood on respecting her cattle-ranching parents and being a vegetarian.  Considering how much I love country music and how much I love being veg, I think it’s safe to say that Carrie just might be the perfect woman!

via: Tampa Bay Online

  • Missy (from Groovy Vegetarian)

    Carrie is THE perfect woman. Her story is a very interesting one, and i believe her 100% when she says she was sad and horrified upon finding out what her parents were doing. But that she also respects them.

    Unfortunately many ranchers have made a fortune on the backs, skins and gore of the animal industry. Sadly it is a lucrative industry.

    But it is refreshing to know that Carrie is a compassionate woman and one who although grew up a certain way, as an adult chose a different path.

    Very awesome story, hers is.

  • dalila

    carrie is sweet and very respectful classy lady, i love her morals and her values i think she is one heck of a role model…i wish her the best and i hope her star keeps on rising because in my opinion she has made the world of music a usic better placeto, she is so beautifull…

  • Sonia

    She may not eat cows, but she sure does love to wear them.