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The battle to encourage more designers to go fur-free rages on. Earlier this morning we showed you a new ad from PETA featuring a partially naked Khloe Kardashian urging the fur-free lifestyle. Now, we’ve got word of a new fashion design competition called “fffashion”.

The contest is a collaboration between Born Free USA united with Animal Protection Institute and E Magazine. The judges include some our favorite green personalities like Summer Rayne Oakes, Sophie Uliano, and E Magazine editor Brita Belli. “Being fur-free is both socially and environmentally responsible. Not only is the use of fur unconscionable in this progressive day and age, it is damaging to our wildlife, our ecosystems and people who work in fur processing factories,” says Uliano. “In short, it’s impossible to design with fur, sell fur, or wear fur, and claim one is anything close to being ‘green’.”

Independent designers are invited to enter their fur-free fashion designs for cash prizes and the chance to be featured in a full-page ad in the September/October issue of E Magazine. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity for any ethical designers out there looking to have their work exposed to the world!

Interested? Check out the complete contest details over at the official site here.

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  • Steph

    I guess they are allowed to use leather though.

    Should be AFFasion. Animal Free Fashion. Nay Sayers of the anti-fur movement LOVE to through around “Well aren’t your shoes leather!?@?!” at protests (which, mine are not) so i can see that if leather takes the main stage here, it’s still sending a message of exploiting animals and damaging the environment for fashion.

    But fur is GREEN! According to Canada Fur Council
    *rolls eyes*

  • Natalie

    This is great! I love that it is getting animal advocacy and environmentalism together.

    Even though fur is the main focus given that Born Free USA is an animal group I’m guessing that designs using leather or other animal products won’t likely be selected as top designs anyway.