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clint_veganThere are lots of sites online talking about Clint Eastwood being a vegan. The LA Times wrote an article a few months back over Clint’s distaste for hunting and added that he was a vegan. Head on over to and you’ll find a quote from the actor saying, “I try to stick to a vegan diet heavy on fruit, vegetables, tofu, and other soy products.” In fact, type “Clint Eastwood Vegan” into Google and you’ll be greeted with over 250,000 sites backing it up. The Razz included.

So, it was with some surprise that I read today in a NY Times interview with the actor that he is NOT a vegan. Even more disconcerting to veggie fans, Eastwood “looked slightly aghast” when told what the vegan lifestyle encompassed. That’s right — he actually had to be given the definition of veganism. This is shocking simply because the actor is often held high in the vegan community as a symbol of a tough guy, macho man that’s on their side. Based on this interview, it’s safe to assume that Clint was never a vegetarian, much less a vegan.

I guess this is a classic example of a rumor made real online — and it all appears to have come from one (probably made up) quote. But, if you learned nothing else today (God help you), now you know that Clint Eastwood is indeed NOT a vegan. Now excuse me while I go make some corrections…

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  • Elaine Vigneault

    Well count me in the group who repeated the misquote. Too bad because he’d make a good vegan.

  • Run

    To sum up: Not a vegan. Actually gets the B12 his body needs without supplements. Good for him.

  • Aragorn23

    Wow, he gets B12 without supplementation? That’s cool. Pity that statistics dictate he’s likely, as a meat eater, to be deficient in approximately 7 areas, unlike vegans who are, on average, only deficient in 2 :-)

  • Julia

    Actually, even most omni’s need supplements for B12, among dozens of other vitamins, compared to only a few for vegans.

  • Gaspard

    “Vitamin B-12 is found only in animal products.”

    That’s something more vegans need to know. Don’t kid yourself. A vegan diet isn’t a healthy choice.

    • http://n/a CJH

      actually i think you’ll fine there are many examples of vegan foods having ample amounts of b12, including yeast extract (e.g. marmite or vegemite), though all are fortified it is WAY healthier to stay away from meat and dairy, and i would recommend all who’d like to look into it to read “The Chine Study” by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, proably the most comprehensive study into many areas of the link between diet and disease, that shows that meat and dairy has significant links to many kinds of cancers….

  • Rob

    He never said he was vegan – really need to get a lot more confirmation before making these assumptions. I don’t believe much about celebs unless they categorically state that they are vegan, and back that up with something!

  • Rainbow Warrior

    a host of celebs are today this and tomorrow that! many are vegetarians but not strict! so we have not to take them too serious – they are no saints – just living beings – and above all humans!

  • Anton

    It’s absurd to say that a vegan diet is unhealthy. ANY diet is unhealthy if you don’t pay attention to what you eat. There are many, many studies that suggest a vegan diet to be far healthier than that of a meat-eater. If you don’t want to be a vegan, don’t be a vegan, but don’t try to come off like it’s unhealthy because that just isn’t true.

    • Colin P. Müller

      fa ggot

  • Kevin

    I’m getting pretty sick of people repeating this kind of stuff. It makes all of us look like fools. PETA is entirely guilty of this too. It doesn’t help when newspaper articles (Wall St Journal?) writes an article called “The 247 pound Vegan” about someone who isn’t even vegan (Tony G.)

  • Stan

    There is a world of difference between saying “I try to stick to a vegan diet heavy on fruit, vegetables, tofu, and other soy products” and being vegan. It is pretty damn obvious just by looking at the guy that he eats a lot of bad crap.

  • erin

    Hey Gas

    I don’t take b12 supplements and don’t eat animal products (none at all now thank you) and my b12 levels were through the roof…

    Sorry Gas, but there are schools of thought that you don’t need the supplements. Obviously I don’t.


  • erin

    Oh and by the way; after ole’ Clint pulled this anti eco stunt

    I pretty much lost all respect for the old meat eating loser (and trust me, I used to love the guy)


  • Adam

    hoptechno is your source? B12 is a molecule fixated by a bacteria commonly ocurring in animals. B12 can be perfectly vegan, see cyanocobalamin.

  • Natasha

    He had to be told what a vegan is? What is he five?

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  • Inga Ambrosia

    If he was a vegan, he wouldn’t look like that. Does he look healthy to you? Age aside.

    • Rob

      Yes he does and he’ll probably live longer than most of your vegan buddies will. He is 81 years old (as of May 31st, 2011).
      The longest lived people are neither vegetarians nor vegans. Look at the Sardinians and Okinawans. These people don’t even know what a vegan is and why should they care. lol.

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  • 15 year vegan


    Us vegans acually know MORE, not less: The reason meat has B12 is because animals intestines make it. I have intestines.

    Put another way: All meat(muscle) contains B12. Therefore……my meat(muscle) contains B12. PS. Cow and chickens are vegans.

    • Rob

      15 Year Vegan,

      Ok, the first error you make has to do with your lack of understanding about B12 in the human intestine. Since intestinal B12 is produced below the ileum (where B12 is absorbed by our body), it is not available for absorption. In other words – its useless to us! Therefore we have to eat foods that contain B12.

      Secondly, B12 is stored in the liver, not the muscles.

      Finally, chickens are not vegan. Their natural diet includes seeds, plants, insects and worms.

  • Walt

    15 year vegan:

    Chickens are not vegans. Have you ever raised chickens ? They’d rather eat worms than grain.

  • Bill

    It does not help matters when PETA published his photo and quote in their leaflets, without bothering to verify the facts.

  • herwin

    googled showed me this old thread on the Razzi ;-)
    Clint isnt the only victim of made up quotes proving famous people to be veggie.
    i guess some veggies in the old days did think we needed some role models and if ya can’t find something, you just make it up.
    Leonardo da vinci is another non veggie made veggie with false quotes.

    • Bev Mabry

      very annoying when people make up things about others to support their own views. Gays do it too. A lot of folks just can’t be who they want without trying to make others validate them, true or false. So – I say – do what pleases you (as long as it’s legal).

  • sachin dubey

    do not be the reason for some poor helpless animals voilent death show be a vegetarian for the greatest need of world todat compassion and non voilence

  • Bev Mabry

    my mother is 84 and always and still eats the Standard American Diet. She would be totally health if she didn’t smoke for so many years. She does not, however, eat many sweets and maybe has 4 sodas in an entire year.