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Farm Sanctuary Exclusive: Corey and Susie Feldman Are Proud To Be Veg!

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coreyWelcome to Day 4 of our exclusive interview series from Farm Sanctuary’s Winter Wonderland event! Earlier this week we brought you words from Jennifer Coolidge, Alison Becker and Daniela Sea. Today we are thrilled to introduce you to Corey and Susie Feldman.

Corey is an outspoken animal advocate and has worked with many great organizations to help shed light on the tremendous suffering that takes place at the hands of factory farming. Earlier this year Ecorazzi was thrilled to spotlight Feldman’s new album Technology Analogy. With an awesome green message and packaging to boot, we’re proud to call it one of our favs! Enjoy the interview!

Ecorazzi: Hi guys! Thanks so much for stopping over and saying hello. Corey, you know we’ve actually covered you quite a bit on the site…

Corey Feldman: Actually I really wanted to thank you guys because you’ve been very supportive of my new album – which by the way we’re auctioning off tonight. Trying to get 10 bucks for it, maybe. But seriously, it’s a very important product. I think it goes hand in hand with what we’re doing here tonight. Because a big thing about factory farming that most people don’t know or don’t realize is that it actually hurts the environment in a very big way. We’re destroying a huge number of resources. Based on the fact that I did this album and followed it up by producing it with 100 percent recyclable materials like soy ink and corn plastic disc tray, I think it’s very fitting that we’re auctioning it off to benefit the other side.

Susie Feldman: It’s only one planet. It’s all we have. So what we do here affects the other side of the planet in ways we never know.

E:Talk a little about why you’re here tonight supporting Farm Sanctuary.

SF: My first experience was at their vegan thanksgiving in California where I really got to experience all these different animals. You know, it’s not just an organization or a charity, its family. You go out on the farm and you get to meet these amazing creatures.

CF: We’ve been with the farm for about seven years now and even though many people know about their work helping to ban foie gras in California and assisting with Prop 2, they don’t realize the little things they do on a day to day basis. I was reading some of the inner workings on the plane and was just crying.

E: What started your vegetarianism? You’re vegetarian not vegan, right?

CF: Yeah I’m vegetarian.

SF: And I am too, but leaning towards veganism.

CF: But I mean my shoes are vegan.

SF: My shoes are vegan too. My purse is vegan.

E: And do you find that being a vegetarian is challenging while in the public eye?

CF: Sometimes. People always want to point a finger at you. You know I did this show years back called The Surreal Life and the number one thing was people giving me shit all the time because of some edited scene where I’m fighting with Gabrielle Carteris saying, “Oh well you’re wearing leather shoes,” and they never got my argument into it.

E: What is your argument?

CF: That if somebody gives you a pair of shoes, say for Christmas, what are you gonna do throw them in the trash because they’re leather? No, you have to honor that animal that died for it. But I’m not going to purchase it.

E: And obviously you both are very anti-fur?

SF: I give people the dirtiest look when we walk down the street and see someone wearing fur. He gets embarrassed because I will look at them like, how could you even walk out of your house like that? You might as well be wearing my dog. What are you doing? I started getting into animal rights when I met him, but I’ve always loved animals.

CF: I told her I wouldn’t kiss her if she ate meat. I said if you want to date me that’s fine, but I’m not going to kiss you.

SF: He did. You know it makes sense. It’s like a smoker.

E: And how long have you been veg?

CF: You know I became a vegetarian 27 years ago. It was the one good value my mother taught me. She was very involved with animal rights and she taught me that. We went around and we would rescue the dogs and cats that were stranded on the side of the street. We ended up with a farm with 22 dogs and 17 cats. So that molded my brain from a very early age. And that’s like what Farm Sanctuary does, but on a much larger scale. They’re taking it to the next level. These are animals that are still being abused and still need a safe home.

SF: It takes a lot of commitment to build a farm for these abused animals. They have so much passion behind it and it’s getting bigger and bigger and bigger. I hope that they get huge.

CF: Well they are the number one farm rescue organization.

SF: I would just love for them to be internationally recognized for everything they do.

E: And on that note let’s go eat some delicious vegan food and enjoy the party, what do you say?

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