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We already know Julia Roberts is into the whole ‘au natural’ scene when it comes to body odor. On last year’s green episode of Oprah, the actress revealed that she does not wear deodorant, saying that “it’s not her thing.” Now, a former bodyguard is backing up that statement with a bit more info:

“Julia is a total hippie. She’ll go days without showering.” said her former bodyguard, writes Times of the Internet. “She likes the smell of her natural oils.”

As we’ve mentioned previously, Roberts joins other stars like Matthew McConaughey and Orlando Bloom in conserving water by avoiding showers. I personally have nothing against it — but can attest to being in the company of some people that truly do smell; natural oils aside.

So, here’s the question of the day:

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  • The Science Commenter

    Please put poll code in the html vs. visual mode. It’s not showing up.

    And yeah, that’s gross. There are plenty of natural, organic, non-paraben, etc. deodorants on the market.

  • michael

    Thanks Science. That’s what happens when you hit “Publish” and run away to check something else. Fixed!

  • thordora

    Some people don’t NEED deodorant. (sadly I’m NOT one of them.) Why is it gross?

  • Kyle

    I don’t know why but I’m not offended by B.O. I personally wear deodorant but I could care less if others did or not.

  • VeggieTart

    I use Thai Crystal deodorant–no artificial ingredients there.

  • binary

    I want to keep my real boobies, so I don’t use antiperspirant/deodorant nor do I use a microwave.

  • becca

    how does the thai crystal work?? i’ve tried plenty of other natural deoderants, but am always somewhat disappointed.

  • Stephanie

    Becca, the best natural deodorant by far is Kiss My Face Liquid Rock. No parabens, very natural, and controls odor literally for DAYS. (And, it’s not an anti-persperant).

  • becca

    awesome, thanks stephanie