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Maxim Magazine has a good article on the proverbial circle-jerk that was the aftermath of Marlon Brando’s passing — particularly how his island paradise of Tetiaroa became slated for development amidst a flurry of lawsuits and accusations.

Even before his passing, Brando had always envisioned an eco-friendly, sustainable resort that would leave much of the region’s natural beauty untouched. Developer Dick Bailey has promised to remain true to that vision, even though naming the hotel “The Brando” would make the actor “roll over in his grave”, according to one source. From the article,

“The developer says he is pursuing Brando’s dreams of an ecological utopia, with plans to make use of wind and solar power as well as biofuels derived from coconuts.”

Apparently, there will also be a research lab in addition to the residential lots — so perhaps preservation of the area will be an on-going affair. Either way, despite opposition from local activists over the construction’s impact on delicate fauna, bulldozers are expected to start building “The Brando” this month. Hopefully, we’ll see something true to both the late actor’s wishes and the environment rise up on Tetiaroa. It’s a shame anything has to be built in the first place.

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  • Richard Bailey

    Sorry to disagree – the Maxim article was a craven exploitation of Brando’s name and images of his son to sell magazines, far worse than anything in the planned development of his island. The article also failed to mention the shameful slaughter of sea turtles on Marlon’s island which will continue unimpeded until somone establishes a permanent protective presence on the island. Enlightened environmental activists agree that doing nothing is not always enough to protect a valuable resouce. In addition, doing nothing never created a single job.

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