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bono_nobelBono is making headlines this week after being awarded the annual Nobel Man of Peace prize for his efforts to combat poverty, debt and disease in Africa.

The ceremony was held in Paris and honored the U2 frontman for his global campaign to persuade rich nations to lend assistance to the struggling continent.

Bono told the crowd, which included fellow Nobel laureates, “This is a very big award for me, because let’s be honest this is as close as I am going to get – as close as a rock star is ever going to get to the Nobel Peace Prize. I am an over-awarded, over-rewarded rock star. You are the people who do the real work. So I am very, very pleased to be in such esteemed company.”

From all of us here at the Razz a big congrats to Bono for all his efforts! Keep up the great work!

  • Bob

    That is not a photo of Bono

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  • yes

    lol, that photo is definitely not bono, wrong ears, jawline, hairline, etc. it is probably this guy:

  • michael

    Whoops! Corrected. Thanks for spotting that!

  • Bill

    Bono you do not deserve this award because you do not pay your fair share in tax to pay for debt relief and to end world poverty. You recently moved U2s business out of Ireland to avoid tax — tax vitally needed to help the poor….But congratulations on getting the award for the being the worlds most artful tax dodger from the New Internatinalist magazine! Do you really want to finally go down in history as just another rich tax dodger?

  • Geoffrey Knight

    How did this photo get there? This photo is of me and it was taken from my website. It is not Pavel nor Bono and it was used without my knowledge. Just to set the record straight. PEACE Geoffrey Knight

  • michael

    Geoffrey — Looks like Bono to me…