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mendes_furLook like last year’s winter campaign for PETA had quite the effect on Eva Mendes. The actress participated in the nude for one of the org’s anti-fur ads — and, judging by recent comments, would be more than willing to do it again. This time, however, she’s got a specific partner in mind to tango au natural with.

“I really want to do a PETA ad with Morrissey, I’d be happy to do it naked if need be,” she told the UK Sun. “I’ve done a lot of work with them and I know Morrissey is a big supported of PETA, so here’s hoping! Whether Morrissey would want to get naked with me is another question. Maybe he could come up with something more creative than out-and-out nudity.”

Singer Steven Patrick Morrissey is a long-time supporter of animal rights — with his “Meat Is Murder” album having inspired many fans to pursue veggie alternatives. Mendes admits that she’s had a crush on the performer for a long time. “When he sings it’s poetry in motion to me. It completely speaks to me. I love Morrissey, but I don’t think I’d want to marry him,” she added.

Ball is in your court, Morrissey! Not sure how many guys would want to turn down a “let’s get naked for a good cause” invite from Mendes. Make it so!

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  • Rosa Close

    She is a fur hag and a hypocrite to say the least. She will do it to get publicity and I do hope Morrissey will accept it. I am certainly posting a note on his MYSPACE page. She represents a slap on the faces of all anti-fur activists who volunteer tirelessly against the bloody fur trade.

    This is on Photobucket — hope you can acess these photos:

  • Melisser

    There’s LOTS of things I’d like to do with Morrissey! Poor Eva, I don’t think she’s Moz’ type!

  • Rosa Close

    I meant to say that “I hope Morrissey WILL NOT ACCEPT” posing nude or otherwise with Eva Mendes.

  • Dani

    I’m not a fan per se, but on a french show she said something along the lines of “you might want to look into how you got that fur” (in regards to a written question by a viewer). go to 0:34.

  • quarrygirl

    LOL! yeah, i 2nd melisser….