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dog_shelterAs expected, Joe Biden’s choice to buy a puppy from a breeder in Pennsylvania instead of resucing one from a shelter has drawn the attention of PETA. “By paying money to a dog breeder, the Bidens have in effect signed a death warrant for a loving dog at an animal shelter who would have been thrilled to go home with them,” says PETA Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch. “Mr. Biden ran for office on a promise of change, but he’s missed the boat by ignoring this country’s animal overpopulation crisis.”

In retaliation, PETA is airing its controversial “Buy One, Get One Killed” ad on TV stations serving the Wilmington area; Biden’s hometown. According to the press release, the ad lays the blame for the deaths of deserving “pound pups” squarely at the feet of those who choose to patronize pet shops, puppy mills, and breeders. These businesses bring more and more litters into the world for profit–while animal shelters have to euthanize millions of animals each year.

I’m squarely with PETA here. For a guy that enjoys a 100%+ rating when it comes to supporting the rights of animals through legislation, I’d think he would have been a bit more sensitive than others to the plight of millions of dogs in shelters. I’ve said it before, but I strongly believe that Biden missed a great opportunity to reinforce how easy and wonderful it is to rescue a wonderful pup from a shelter. I really hope Obama follows through.

Click here to view the video from PETA.

[Update: A new poll from CNN says that Americans agree the Obamas should rescue a pup from a shelter. “By a 2-to-1 margin, those surveyed in the CNN-Opinion Research Corp. poll said the Obamas should rescue an animal from a shelter rather than buy one from a breeder or pet store to put in the White Doghouse.” Read more…]

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