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Donna Karan thinks bunnies are cute…on her jackets!!!

The word on the street is that PETA has officially launched a full-fledged attack on the fur-loving designer who once promised to never use the cruel product again.

This isn’t the first time animal-lovers have given Donna a headache. You might remember earlier this year when the Paint Panthers launched a spray-paint attack on Donna’s property or later when some angry activists disrupted her fashion show with a fur-free protest.

As much as I hate fur, I NEVER condone violence or destruction of property to prove a point. However, campaigns and boycotts have never hurt a brotha, so please join me and thousands of others who are boycotting Donna Karan, until she permanently removes all fur from her collections.

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  • Hil

    Man that’s a bummer! The only designer thing I own are my Donna Karan glasses…good thing it’s time for a new pair!

  • Emmannuel

    Donna Karan has nothing on Santa, apparently — did you see this one?

  • P.F. Chang’s China Bistro Vegan Menu

    I like the way they did the website and I hope that the company turns around and keeps their original promise to stop using fur.

  • erin

    Yo Parrish – can you either email me or tell me on here your email one more time. I have some great stories you guys are missing. Like the Peta Poster child you just posted days ago now snapped wearing a big fur coat.

    If you give me your email I’ll get them to you… There are several other even more juicy ones here I don’t want to post ;) I’ve been too busy to do my own blog and hate for them to not get reported on ;)


  • parrish

    E- Send away!!!

  • erin

    Hi Parrish,

    I see Michael already ran that story today (probably saw it elsewhere ;) but now will email you guys on stories I have! Will email you today ;)


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