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1205_joe_bidenEarlier this month Ecorazzi brought you the bad news that unlike President-elect Barack Obama, Vice President-elect Joe Biden decided to skip the shelter and buy a dog from a breeder. BOOOO!

Well now it looks like Biden’s breeders might be in some serious trouble! According to our sources at PETA,

“The Philadelphia Department of Agriculture has handed Wolf Den kennel—the Chester County kennel where Biden purchased his puppy—citations for various violations. The violations included failure to produce complete rabies vaccinations records, which are required for dogs who are more than 3 months old.

Authorities also detected a strong ammonia smell in the building where the dogs are housed and found structural dangers such as broken wires and piping, which could potentially start a fire or fatally injure the animals.”

If you’re thinking about adding a four-legged friend to your family, visit or your local shelter and adopt an animal in need!

  • Lianne

    If only Joe had decided to adopt…

  • Vegan Menu

    Hopefully this will be brought to his attention and he will address it.

  • hil

    I am surprised, I was giving him the benefit of the doubt that if he was getting a dog from a breeder that at least it was a reputable one!

  • VeggieTart

    Mr. Vice President-elect, hasn’t your 36 years as a Senator taught you ANYTHING about doing due diligence? Sheesh.