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What a huge victory!!! Donna Karan (aka “The Bunny Butcher”) has put down her knife for good after being “gently” persuaded by PETA to go fur-free.

Karan just announced that her fall 2009 lines will be fur-free and that she has “no plans” to use fur in the future! This victory came literally days after PETA launched their (now offline) website and after mega–fashion guru Tim Gunn sent Karan and designer Giorgio Armani a video that he narrated for PETA, urging them to open their eyes to the violent and bloody fur industry.

Now listen, I certainly don’t support EVERY decision PETA makes, but it’s times like this when all of us owe the notorious animal rights group a great big thank you for their service. It’s obvious that without their pressure Donna Karan would still be using fur! Thanks, guys!

  • Eating Vegan Menu

    Wow! I am incredibly surprised and thankful to hear this! Who knew it would happen so quickly? Let’s hope they stay true to their word and other designers follow suit.

  • Deena

    THANK YOU!! What a great victory for animals. I don’t know how anyone can wear fur anymore. The information has been there for decades.

    Don’t be a Cruella Deville!

  • Jen Hamilton

    Great work PETA!

  • Carl

    Hooray! Now Donna Karan will use more synthetic fabrics made of petroleum-based fibers, and hurtle us even more swiftly toward an environmental nightmare. Woo Hoo!

  • Matt

    Hey Carl, did you know that a it takes 20 times as much petroleum to make a fur farmed coat than it does to make a synthetic faux fur coat? And did you know that trapping animals for fur has led directly to species extinction? If you are truly concerned about the environment, you should be genuinly happy when designers drop fur from their lines. Plus, there are plenty of natural materials to choose from that don’t involve killing animals, including organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, flax, etc. But again, even synthetic materials are more environmentally friendly than fur, leather or wool.

  • Matt

    Oh, forgot to mention all of the toxin, cancer causing chemicals that are used on fur and leather itmes so that they don’t rot away in your closet like dead animals would otherwise do. There is nothing natural, biodegradable, or environmentally friendly about fur.

  • erin


    Judging from some of your other comments on this board I am curious about your intentions… Do you really think it would be better to torture animals? And whose to say she’ll even use faux fur. I don’t like either. Honestly much of the clothing we wear is not environmentally friendly. Fortunately down here on the coast of Florida I can get away with most of the time wearing some nice organic cotton or hemp and nothing more ;)


  • VeggieTart

    Yep, she’s going fur-free until the next time she goes back on her word.

  • stephanie


    Let’s hope 3rd time is really the charm.

  • Doug

    I don’t know where you get your facts from Matt. But what you said is just totally untrue and utter rubbish, There is huge evidence all over the world of the eco damage, and human and environment toxicity pain and damage caused by the oil industry, the cotton industry, and chemical industry. Can you justify to me please The Arral Sea disaster.

    Cite me one instance of damage caused by a fur farm through use of toxic chemicals. It just does not happen. In most cases it puts back more into the land in terms of fertiliser. The garments last 2 or 3 generations, The trade is totally sustainable. (unlike all the fibre manufacture industries needed to clothe the world).

    It does NOT cause extinction of species, in fact many species are ensured sustained survival because of the fur trade.

    There are a few instances of horrific bad paractice (in China) which EVERYBODY condems. But you dont shut down a whole industry for a few miscreants. If you did that we wouldnt have ANY industries.

    Fur produced in the West (which is predoninantly used for fur garments are farmed or trappaed with high degrees of animal welfare. Animals are NOT tortured or skinned alive for this.

    You’ve been fed a pack of lies, and chose to believe them instead of investigating the truth yourself. I suspect you got your info from Animal Rights Sources. Are you surprised if what you read paints a dark picture. Seek out real info from unbiased sources.

    The argument that fur is less toxic to the environment, is a sustainable activity, and produces longer lasting quality clothing cannot be refuted. Dont even try. And fur is totally biodegradable when it is finished with.

    Unfortunately we dont all have the luxury of living in warm climes. You dont really have the right to knock those who live in colder places and want to wear fur do you? And make no mistake, very little fur is sold for the rich to parade around in, flaunting their fashions and wealth. Most fur is sold for its pactaicality of unbeaten warmth, endurability and beauty as a natural product

    Organic cotton and hemp? You think that would be sustainable if it became common practice. It’s great that you do that, but if we ALL did it, it wouldn’t work. Even m,ore land would have to be cleared, forests cut down, and animal species wiped out with the resultant loss of Biodiversity.

    Well done Carl fot your comments.

  • Lianne

    Thanks for the blog, Parrish! We certainly hope DK will stay true to her word, and that the people who encourage the fur industry will visit to learn about the cruelty that goes into their clothing.

  • Doug

    Like I said Lianne There’s absolutely no point from quoting or pointing people towards information from extremist self interested and self obsessed groups loke PETA. Of course the information is going to be heavily biased one way only. Research the TRUTH yourself.

    Peta make $30 million a year out of donations from people who are taken in by the rhetoric. Very little of that goes back to animal welfare. Of course it is in their interest to spend thousands of dollars on creating emotional propaganda to persuade the gullible to part with their hard earned money to go on feeding their immense coffers.

    If you REALLY want to help animals, give your money to orespectable animal welfare organisations that spend it on REAL projects to help animals, dont give it to extremist organisations like PETA that just go on distorting facts and figures to produce emotional prrpaganda to keep the money rolling in.

    Better still give ypour money to organisations that are trying to abolish child slavery of innocent kids usewd by the cotton and clothing trade, or helping those dying of diseases caused by the toxicity resulting from cooton manufacture, and the oil industry. Dads who die, leaving their kids and family starving in poor areas where they are exploited.

    True humanity is shown through helping fellow human beings, real families and kids, before helping animals. And there is PLENTY of suffering in the world to address first, and which needs your money.

    organisations like PETA and ALF and ELF are just evil parasites in it for themselves.

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  • Susan

    How can anyone trust the accuracy of written statements by someone like Doug, who is so careless with spelling and grammar that his meaning is nearly undecipherable?

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