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FOX News Slams PETA, Belittles Kids For Trying To Go Green

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While FOX News is already well established on the lowest rung of network television, they somehow continue to shock me with their trivial and degrading reporting. Take for instance this circle-jerk of “Fox and Friends” all rallying around Greg Gutfeld’s sneering criticism of PETA and their efforts to pressue KFC to provide more humane treatment for their chickens. “The greatest thing about this story,” said Gutfeld commenting on two women in bikinis protesting outside a KFC, “is that they claim to be PETA members. I’m sure that if any of us went to an actual PETA meeting, we would not find anybody remotely attractive. They are a bunch of lowly lonely people.”

While passing around a bucket of KFC chicken, Gutfeld responded as to why PETA was protesting saying, “The weird thing about making fried chicken? Chickens die in the process. It’s really hard to keep them alive while you eat them.” Really, Greg? Is that the reason? That’s some fine balanced reporting.

Not content to take his dick out of his mouth just yet, Gutfeld then went on to slam kids that are going green and trying to educate their parents as well. “This makes me wish that I could have kids,” he said, “so I could punish them.”

Perhaps that was the only bright spot of this clip: Greg Gutfeld has no kids. Ladies, please do humanity a favor and steer clear. Check out the clip after the jump. Or just pour lemon juice in your eyes. Either way, you will have the same reaction.

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