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While FOX News is already well established on the lowest rung of network television, they somehow continue to shock me with their trivial and degrading reporting. Take for instance this circle-jerk of “Fox and Friends” all rallying around Greg Gutfeld’s sneering criticism of PETA and their efforts to pressue KFC to provide more humane treatment for their chickens. “The greatest thing about this story,” said Gutfeld commenting on two women in bikinis protesting outside a KFC, “is that they claim to be PETA members. I’m sure that if any of us went to an actual PETA meeting, we would not find anybody remotely attractive. They are a bunch of lowly lonely people.”

While passing around a bucket of KFC chicken, Gutfeld responded as to why PETA was protesting saying, “The weird thing about making fried chicken? Chickens die in the process. It’s really hard to keep them alive while you eat them.” Really, Greg? Is that the reason? That’s some fine balanced reporting.

Not content to take his dick out of his mouth just yet, Gutfeld then went on to slam kids that are going green and trying to educate their parents as well. “This makes me wish that I could have kids,” he said, “so I could punish them.”

Perhaps that was the only bright spot of this clip: Greg Gutfeld has no kids. Ladies, please do humanity a favor and steer clear. Check out the clip after the jump. Or just pour lemon juice in your eyes. Either way, you will have the same reaction.

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  • Frank

    It blows my mind that there are those that watch this crap and believe that what they are saying is true. Faux news…

  • Carl

    I think he said “lonely” people — not “lowly” … is he wrong?

  • michael

    You’re right Carl — I forced myself to listen to this guy again and in context, it appears that he says “lonely”.

  • Eric

    Wow could they be any more ignorant? That’s really sickening. Its sad to think that people will watch this and buy it.

    I love when he criticizes people for thinking that the environment is more important than humanity. Did he think about that before he said it? Without the environment there can be no humanity!

    The only satisfaction in this video is watching them eat the chicken and knowing how much they are hurting their health by eating that stuff :)

  • Stephanie

    Ugh, Fox News makes my blood boil and though this kind of thing doesn’t surprise me, it makes me want to hurt someone. Preferably Greg Gutfeld. What a smug asshole.

  • Vegan

    Wow such harsh words from a completely ignorant man – though I guess that’s usually how it goes, right? When I get home I’ll be sure to send him a message about what the protest is really about and urge him to apologize.

  • erin

    A Few things; first, he did say lonely people, not lowly… second, he does say he bets the women at PETA/animal activist meetings are all ugly. When I lived in Los Angeles I saw several of these events.. Trust me, the women were hot and far from ugly (the men were pretty cute too ;) This guy is so ugly on the inside and out and his rude side kick Allison looks like a transvestite (no offense to transvestites ;)

    I can’t believe they would actually dis people trying to be green and more environmentally conscious. And is it not responsible not to over populate the world with kids? you betcha! I have no kids yet(by choice-trust me) whereas with Greg Gutwrencher I bet he has no takers.

    I go back and forth whether to add another human to the already huge population but know if I did I’d encourage that little person to be as green as possible (and hopefully always vegetarian) and to never ever ever ever watch FOX NEWS (if they’re still around by that point)

    Very well written article Michael. You write best when you’re passionate (or mad as hell ;)


  • Deena


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  • Lauren

    What a dick!

  • Julia

    Wow, I officially really dislike Fox News. I’m sure the station got slammed with complaints from people. Maybe if more people complain, he would get fired or something. How can they be so proud of being so ignorant and stupid looking?

  • VeggieTart

    Like I needed another reason to hate Fox Noise. Sheesh. While I don’t care for PETA’s tactics–I risk sounding like a broken record here–I’m more likely to criticize the means rather than the motive.

    Hey, Greg, enjoy looking at the PETA models. It’s the closest you’ll get to a real woman.

  • The Discerning Brute

    wow. Literally the dumbest, most arrogant people I’ve seen on TV in a long time. And I work in TV. I am honestly baffled. this could be the most ignorant crap I’ve ever heard out on fox, and that’s saying a lot.
    how can we respond to this? where do they shoot? can we stage a protest of idiocy using scantily-clad people outside fox and friends studio?

  • Catherine

    Without the environment, humanity cannot exist. How can he not know that? Ignoramus.

  • The Discerning Brute

    here’s the letter i wrote to them:

    Hello Fox and Friends,

    I am writing to express the shock and disgust I felt as I watched the smug ignorance spill from the mouths of your journalistic criminals when they addressed “eco-kids” and Peta’s KFC campaign. Why is it that the most ignorant of people are typically the most bombastic and sneering?

    Greg Gutfeld’s comment about humanity being more important than the environment, alone is possibly the most dangerous and idiotic idea of all. Anyone with any understanding of ecology knows that without intact ecosystems and biodiversity, humanity can not even exist. That’s like saying the tree is more important than the dirt it’s growing in, or the fish are more important than the water they live in. Get it? Greg Gutfeld is truly ignorant, and I am glad he does not have kids that he can “punish”, as he says, for caring about the well-being of the planet upon which they depend for survival..

    Additionally, when there are tons of famous animal rights advocates from Natalie Portman, Alicia Silverstone, and Woody Harrelson, to Charleze Theron, Daryl Hannah, and Joaquin Phoenix – saying “they are lonely people” is simply an attempt to smear the image of the animal advocacy movement. The fact that Prop 2 passed shows there is large-scale concern for the way chickens are treated. The fact that the “Skinny Bitch” collection continues to be best-sellers is evidence that people care about not eating crap like KFC and not condoning the cruelty that your program attempts to rationalize.

    When Greg says “The weird thing about making fried chicken; chickens die in the process”, he really reveals the void where his brain should be. The simple truth is, torturing birds is not necessary. There are plenty of cruelty-free alternatives. If we can choose a more compassionate option, why shouldn’t we? Is compassion wrong or bad? Factory Farms, like the ones KFC uses, hurt people’s health, contribute to land, water, and air pollution more than most car-makers, and put animals though incredible trauma. Watching these heartless morons chuckle as they shoved greasy chicken limbs into their mouths made me nauseous and embarrassed for them.

    At the end of the day, this program was nothing but a commercial for KFC. Please have someone on your program that can articulate environmentalism and animal advocacy, because your supposed journalists have failed miserably.

    Happy Holidays!

  • erin

    Veggie Tart,

    Highlarious! isn’t that the truth. Greg is an ugly mofo on the inside as well. Do you guys remember when PETA sent the thousands upon thousands of letters to fox news and they showed them being delivered. Wasn’t it PETA? I remember an African American gent there helping to deliver them and it was on front page news. I think I wrote a letter (via email) but now cannot find a link about it. They are so disgusting. And the truth of it is they aren’t even real “small government” Republicans (they did NOT support Ron Paul and laughed at him every day) they are the worst kind of republicans. the neo facists… For those who believe in Hell I seriously believe if there is one that the people who work at Fox belong there for eternity. Spreading a fake message to the world like that is one of the worst kind of sins there is. And then you know the scandal where Fox shut up journalists who were trying to to tell the REAL NEWS about the hormones in the milk..(monsanto shut it down – and the journalists won but then on appeal lost and fox basically showed they OWN the news and don’t have to report the truth.

    And then there’s the expose on them OUTFOXED

    they are evil and belong in hell with HITLER. You’ll agree after watching these videos.


  • hil

    What really bugged me about this is that he didn’t even come close to justifying his side. I can take a minute out of my day to listen to people that disagree with me when they give me the respect to at least form a decent argument but this was at the same level of playground bullying. Just a bunch of hateful words with no substance to back it up. What makes it worse is that Fox’s news comes on an hour before the other networks so that people that work 60 hours a week to keep food on the table and are too tired to stay up the extra hour are bombarded with this as their primary source of information. Eww.

  • erin

    i hope he eats one too many pieces of chicken.

  • The Science Commenter

    funny how they said PETA is a joke and they have no effect upon people (or something to that nature). How many celebrities have we heard of now (Kelly Pickler, Rise Against, etc.) who said they decided to become veg after watching a PETA documentary?

    These are just celebrities, mind you. We don’t know what the numbers of regular folk are.

    Even if they don’t believe in vegetarianism or peta, I can’t believe they aren’t ashamed to be on TV implying that the environment has nothing to do with humanity.

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  • Daniele

    Lemon juice was so much better:)

  • Lianne

    Thanks so much for this blog! I’d like to assure you that PETA employs some seriously attractive people: (and that’s just the bloggers). Thanks for all the supportive comments! To learn more about why Greg and friends are killing themselves with cholesterol and torturing birds to make a point, visit

  • Terri

    Is this supposed to be a comedy show or political commentary? I will agree PETA pulls publicity stunts cause that’s the best way for them to get the exposure. Yes those two girls are models and I bet they were paid – the point of that kind of marketing is to generate buzz around an issue and draw attention to a problem.

    Ugh Fox News strikes again…

  • David

    I’ll have a couple of those breasts. Yum! It is interesting that PETA does not mind using women as pieces of meat.

  • Nathan

    Hoo boy what another bad episode by fox news. Stuff like this makes me wish I was on the camera crew only so I could get them to apologize. Instead of commenting on this video any longer, lets send in comments about this video.

  • Kyle

    This is just a shame. Journalists usually research the topic they’re introducing. These people don’t even know what PETA is asking from KFC. They are not asking to close all KFCs. They are simply trying to get KFC to buy from suppliers who use more “humane” slaughter methods and WTF is wrong with that? Wouldn’t everyone prefer their “food” to be as humanely-produced as possible. While I’ll admit that there is no “humane” meat, at least we can work to ease suffering a little bit by adopting the moderate provisions set forth by PETA. KFC Canada did it; why can’t we?

    Jeez, this program is just another reason to hate right-wing Americans and their illogic.

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  • Kim

    I’m sure that if any of us went to an actual Fox News taping, we would not find anybody remotely attractive…

  • erin

    hey david after doing my research methinks you might be greg-aloser in disguise.

  • sped

    i would have preferred the lemon juice.

  • Lisa

    Wow! I am a conservative myself, and I must say that this is really bad! Especially Gutfeld. I do not watch news much, and I would not watch this guy, as he is arrogant. I agree with what hil said:
    “he didn’t even come close to justifying his side. I can take a minute out of my day to listen to people that disagree with me when they give me the respect to at least form a decent argument but this was at the same level of playground bullying. Just a bunch of hateful words with no substance to back it up”

    There is just no reason to speak this way of others, whether you agree with them or not! We should treat everyone with basic human respect. No wonder why folks on the left feel bitterly towards folks on the right, if this is how we are represented

  • John

    I’ve never watched Fox News, but after this I never will

  • Shocked in Miami

    I wonder what the REAL reason he doesn’t have any kids is? He doth protest too much.

    Where’s the presentation of the other side? Where’s the “fair and balanced” journalism? I wouldn’t have a problem with FoxNews if they just correctly labeled themselves as an opinion station instead of a news station? Look at AirAmerica – they market themselves as a progressive station. FoxNews is just a mouthpiece for the Republican party.

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  • Tohni

    I am so confused with this video, FOX that is disgusting!
    I cant even watch the whole video…

    They are focused on money and popularity, power and control?
    Way to go bash the kids trying to improve the environment and send out a positive message only to make you seem cooler.
    Grow up!

    If he has kids I feel sorry for them.

  • Connor

    He is the dick that shouldn’t have kids. Stop polluting the world with ignorant dickheads

  • erik

    next on fox, man is court ordered to get a vasectomy

  • melanie

    this is makes me sad. pretty disgusting if you have even the smallest compassion for animals. why is caring about other life forms other then your own species not “cool” as they make it out to be. this universe was not only meant for us.