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biden_pet_adoptAfter coming under fire for buying a puppy from a breeder in PA (where violations have been cited in the past), Vice President-elect Joe Biden is vowing to add another dog to his growing family.

This time, he’ll get one from a shelter.

“We’re gonna get a pound dog that my wife wants,” Biden said. He told ABC the new puppy will likely be a golden retriever — and that he’s not just adopting from a pound just to silence critics. “We’ve always had two dogs,” he says. “We’ve always had two big dogs so they can have companionship. I’ve had German shepherds from the time I was a kid. I’ve trained them and shown them.”

Biden also told Stephanopoulos that his family is no stranger to pound pets. “We already have a pound cat — we’ve had pound animals in our house,” he says.

It’s great that Biden is taking this route — and I sincerely hope his visit to the shelter and subsequent selection gets some good press. Interested in adopting your own pet? Check out to search for animals looking for homes in your area!

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  • The Science Commenter

    He did this b/c he was getting ragged on for getting a breeder puppy.


  • Deena

    Whatever works.

  • rosekelly

    Um yeah, er right, good save there Joe……

  • VeggieTart

    No doubt, Science, but if he wants a companion for his puppy mill dog, at least he’s going to a shelter. And goldens are great dogs–super friendly.

  • SaLLy

    The doggie adopted from the shelter isn’t going to care what the reason is.

  • KNSat

    WHy be so negative? Be happy that he’s getting a shelter pet. You very well know that Bush/Cheney wouldn’t have given a a flying ____ about adopting shelter pets. Plus Biden really truly loves German Shepherds, and I can’t begrudge that he wanted another.

    Cynicism that condemns with such broad strokes just makes the cynic look bitter and extreme.

  • ac_scoop08

    You know what still really upsets me though is that even though Biden did insist on having a “German Shepherd”… please someone correct me if I’m in error, but couldn’t he just as easily gotten a puppy from a “German Sheperd” breed rescue organization?