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“It looks like Whale Wars, season #2 is officially underway,” said Captain Paul Watson. “We’ve got them on the run.

This year marks the earliest that Sea Shepherd has found the Japanese whaling fleet — with Paul Watson and his crew sending back updates to the official site. “It does not get more real than this,” said Watson. “While people are sitting in their living rooms watching our campaign against the whalers that took place last season we are at the same time in the icy hostile seas of Antarctica engaged with the whalers this season. There is an Animal Planet crew onboard and the cameras are rolling for season two of Whale Wars.”

According to reports, the S.S. Steve Irwin has been enough of a presence amidst the fleet to cease whaling operations. Weather has also been an issue — with blizzard conditions and rough seas forcing one rotten butter bomb run to be called back. Further inciting anger, Sea Shepherd discoverd that the Japanese have been hunting withing Australian waters — blatantly ignoring a January 2008 Australian Federal Court Order “prohibiting them from whaling in the Australian Economic Exclusion Zone.”

“They are whaling in heavy ice conditions,” said Watson. “Perhaps in an effort to keep themselves hidden, they have been operating in areas between the ice pack and heavy ice drifts. We are now here to stop them.” For more updates on the Sea Shepherd’s fight against the Japanese fleet, jump here.

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  • Nicole

    LOVED Whale Wars season 1 and cannot wait to see them in action again!!

  • Deena

    Those people are Angels. I volunteer for the Humane Society and local APA, but this type of work/humanity is on an extreme other level.
    I am so emotional over animals I can’t bear to watch the scenes of bloody dying whales. The baby harp seals make me so sad too.
    Thank you to all that do this incredible work to spare innocent creatures.

  • Maureen

    Capatain Paul and the Sea Shepherd crew are alone out there putting their lives at risk to save theese wonderful creatures against the Japanese whale butchers. Where the hell is Greenpeace!!!!

  • Mark Hawthorne

    Bravo, Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd. At least someone is taking a stand against this illegal slaughter of whales — and doing something about it.

  • billy jean is my lover

    Brutal killers.