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In case you missed it, yesterday Ecorazzi reported on the truly ignorant behavior displayed by the hosts of Fox and Friends while covering a piece on KFC.

In the last 24 hours I’ve received a slew of emails from people in the community who were disgusted by FOX’s blatant stupidy and who were doing their part to protest the show. One of my favorite emails came from Joshua Katcher who runs and who Ecorazzi featured just a few weeks ago in our exclusive interview series. Josh is a passionate advocate for animals and wrote a letter that I thought you all might enjoy. And so now, for your reading pleasure, an open letter to the KFC-loving gang at Fox and Friends.

“Hello Fox and Friends:

I am writing to express the shock and disgust I felt as I watched the smug ignorance spill from the mouths of your journalistic criminals when they addressed “eco-kids” and PETA’s KFC campaign. Why is it that the most ignorant of people are typically the most bombastic and sneering?

Greg Gutfeld’s comment about humanity being more important than the environment, alone is possibly the most dangerous and idiotic idea of all. Anyone with any understanding of ecology knows that without intact ecosystems and biodiversity, humanity can not even exist. That’s like saying the tree is more important than the dirt it’s growing in, or the fish are more important than the water they live in. Get it? Greg Gutfeld is truly ignorant, and I am glad he does not have kids that he can “punish”, as he says, for caring about the well-being of the planet upon which they depend for survival.

Additionally, when there are tons of famous animal rights advocates from Natalie Portman, Alicia Silverstone, and Woody Harrelson, to Charleze Theron, Daryl Hannah, and Joaquin Phoenix – saying “they are lonely people” is simply an attempt to smear the image of the animal advocacy movement. The fact that Prop 2 passed shows there is large-scale concern for the way chickens are treated. The fact that the “Skinny Bitch” collection continues to be best-sellers is evidence that people care about not eating crap like KFC and not condoning the cruelty that your program attempts to rationalize.

When Greg says “The weird thing about making fried chicken; chickens die in the process”, he really reveals the void where his brain should be. The simple truth is, torturing birds is not necessary. There a re plenty of cruelty-free alternatives. If we can choose a more compassionate option, why shouldn’t we? Is compassion wrong or bad? Factory Farms, like the ones KFC uses, hurt people’s health, contribute to land, water, and air pollution more than most car-makers, and put animals though incredible trauma. Watching these heartless morons chuckle as they shoved greasy chicken limbs into their mouths made me nauseous and embarrassed for them.

At the end of the day, this program was nothing but a commercial for KFC. Please have someone on your program that can articulate environmentalism and animal advocacy, because your supposed journalists have failed miserably.

Happy Holidays!”

Joshua Katcher
The Discerning Brute
“Fashion, Food and Etiquette for the Ethically Handsome Man”
**Named ‘Ethical Style Icon, 2008′ by VegNews Magazine**

  • stephanie

    This is a great letter. I hope that more people in the community mobilze to send a powerful mesage about those ignorant comments.

    I hope against hope a big LOUD (aka non-peta) protest takes place. I will be there with bells on, though i will proly get ranked on by that loser for being unatractive, cause REAL activist are ugly according to his logic.

  • Vegan

    I hope that Fox hears an uproar from the Vegan/Animal Welfare community over this and reconsiders their guests.

  • e

    I too hope they fire the idiots who were on that show. I honestly think the guests on Jerry Springer are brighter than these morons.

  • Chaz

    Now, now … let’s be fair. Fox News is just playing to the 99 percent of Americans who think PETA is full of shizz. There’s clearly a market for that stream of thought.

  • Granny

    Good grief. If they were for Obama you’d be singing their praise. You whine almost as much as the left wingers!

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