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I have to hand it to PETA — they took Burger King’s much-maligned new meat scented body spray called “Flame” — and one-upped the stakes with their own brand of cologne. Introducing GORE: “Eau de Mort!’ from Murder King. From the product description:

“Take just one whiff, and you’ll be reminded of who they’re cooking over there in fast-foodville (or wearing, in this case). What exactly does it smell like? Meat, naturally! And, for authenticity, our scent even includes a maggot in each bottle, just to make the experience realistic.”

In today’s economy, that free maggot is one hell of a bonus from the folks at PETA.

We appluad the quick repsonse — now please, can we all just go back to using soap?

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  • e

    go back to using soap?!

    i only use Dr. Bronner’s organic soap or miracle 2… ;) The only soaps i use :)


  • fu

    Ask PETA if it’s okay to pay off people who murder PEOPLE? Look into PETA’s support of terrorist animal rights groups who firebomb testing labs. Ask PETA why they have a freezer full of euthanized animals in their world headquarters. I support the National Wildlife Fund and volunteer at a no-kill shelter. Learn to question authority – even when it isn’t obvious.

  • bryan

    At least for a murderous, people hating cult, PETA can be humorous sometimes. “Murder King”, that’s great.

  • Banthe Furtrade

    To fu: Name ONE person that has been killed by an animal rights group. You can’t because it’s never happened. BTW, National Wildlife Fund supports sport hunting.

  • mox

    i like peta and some of their stuff is clever but this is retarded. why associate the word “gore” with over the top and polarizing marketing. this is not helpful at a time when al gore–hello, is trying to drum up support among coal mining communities against the coal industry bs about clean coal ads/messaging. this ad lumps gore and extremism together.. show it enough times, im sure fox will, and the constructs will stick as one in people’s minds.

  • RemyC

    The latest TV campaign from Burget King where they go around the world destroying ethnic cultures is pretty sick. I wonder how they got these plump looking burgers all the way up the Himalayas? Teleportation I suspect.

  • I love animals, they’re delicious
  • I love animals, they’re delicious

    eat animals
    kill trees

  • petaisevil

    Yea yea yea all you idiots dont know what peta is doing under your noses… i suggest you do some research before joining the dumb people parade.

  • rita

    what a bunch of loosers ( “i love animals” and “peta is evil”)…
    don’t you have nothing better to do on Xmas day, besides posting bs?
    Peta saves animals, and opens people’s eyes about what humans do everyday to defenseless animals. I thank PETA for the awareness. And you guys, instead of criticising, should do something regarding animal welfare. Get a life!

  • Inga Ambrosia

    They’re just keeping it real. Al Gore – I’m not a fan of his.

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  • Dennis

    I am always interested in what PETA is up to. Everytime I read one of their ridiculous articles I cannot help but laugh. Haha PETA, Get a clue!