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“Nicky wanted me to get her this photograph. It is of a beautiful swan because she loves swans, so I got her that. And Paris, I am going to get her a very cool faux fur coat. Like a bomber jacket.”

- Kathy Hilton discussing Paris’ faux fur Christmas present. With designers like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Donna Karan (welcome to the club, chick!) all designing fur free awesomeness, it’s obvious that being fashionable doesn’t mean being cruel!


  • Sonya

    Why is a synthetic coat from petroleum (oil) considered green?? Shouldn’t mom be giving Paris something made from natural fibers?

  • erin

    amen to that sonya.

  • st pooch

    Hilton Familly is very ECO-friendly!!!

  • RemyC

    Paris Hilton gets a $200.000 pink Bentley… Paris Hilton is a lost cause… TMZ called her the new Evangeline!