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Greg Gutfeld must be a very lonely and sad man. That’s the only thing we can ascertain based on his ignorant, demeaning, and fallacious commentary. On his latest “Gregalogue” — a pompous, one-man show that completely embodies everything wrong with Fox News — Gutfeld continues his attacks on animal rights supporters. Earlier in the week, this ass clown visited Fox and Friends with a similar rant. Now he’s back with more drivel — and desperately in need of a hug.

“Most animals right activist aren’t hot — or particularly social. Fact is, their connection to animals is usually based on their alienation from human beings. PETA apparently was protesting KFC because, get this, when you fry a chicken, it’s not good for the chickens.”

Gutfeld then goes on to say how PETA is using sex appeal to bring attention to their message — something I’m sure all of us are shocked to learn! He then quips that if you disagree with him, you’re worse than Hitler.

Yup — that’s the kind of guy Fox News gives time to on their network. Someone who can joke about the passionate causes of others — and then end his argument with a reference to Hitler. Classy, Gutfeld, classy. Check out the video after the jump.

Oh — and for the record, PETA’s bloggers are sexy.

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  • VeggieTart

    The man is totally brainless. Yes, we know that dunking chicken parts in hot oil isn’t good for the chicken, but nor is what happens on industrial chicken facilities or in slaughterhouses. DUH!!! And while many men may not call me sexy, I am cute.

    Do I even want to watch this moron babble?

  • The Science Commenter

    He’s just not getting any from the human chicks, guys…frustration causes this type of hostility.

    Actually, all animal rights chicks I knew in college were damn hot.

    And Dan Piraro’s wife, Ashley Lou, yum, yum.

    Chloe Jo or whatever her name is. I know she’s on here. Need I say more?

    He is just using immature, grade school stereotypes to attack people he can’t understand.

    He acts as if he should be on the Man Show (is that even still on), not a supposedly reputable News Station.

    If you disagree with something, there’s a way to say it on that type of medium, versus elsewhere. It’s just downright unprofessional.

  • hil

    He’s wearing a wedding ring…wonder who married him?

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  • Rainbow Warrior

    this poor little pimp has serious issues and huge shortcomings!!!

  • e

    is the Grega-loser actually married? I know he said he had no kids, but perhaps found a woman dumb enough to marry this ugly inside out idiot.

    I lived in Los Angeles for some time and just wanted to reiterate that EVERY time I went to ANY animal activist meeting not only were the women smokin, but the men were pretty hot too.

    And Chris Derose – my next door neighbor there- who ran (and still runs) Last Chance for Animals… ? he was adorably cute with more gorgeous female animal activists around him than i’d ever seen.

    (look him up i had to take the link out because it won’t post my comment if i link it)

    here’s his pic. he’s also a well known actor on a few series right now.

    trust me Gregaloser.. he’s not an “average” guy.

    And usually the vegan guys I meet are hotter than the meat eating men I meet. Same with the women….

    Oh and I think it’s funny he says “worse than Hitler” on his grega-loser-logue..

    If you remember in my comment on the last post I said he was as bad as Hitler… Wonder if he’s reading EcoRazzi. Could it be?!

    XO Merry Xmas


  • Patrick

    All this on a network that once featured a story about someone killing prostitutes in FL while showing gyrating college coeds (Spring Break!!!).

    News for mouth breathers.

  • e

    patrick you know the REALLLy scary part? (scary in more than one way – A) i live 5 minutes from where that story took place- daytona beach and that’s scary because i can’t believe i bought a house here and can’t sell it and have to live here 3 years later and b) scary in a coincidental kinda way.

    i remember people telling me about when they did that story. sad part is the latest to be killed had a regular job and one of the ones was actually a nurse. the killings are still going on and the guy is on the loose. fox sucks for not doing a sympathetic piece. they have no soul.


  • Big Bear

    Two-time Academy Award winning actress Halle Berry is a lot more beautiful than most of the PETA activists who pose naked in the streets to protest against fur and KFC. She’s forty-two years old, but she looks like she’s half her age. The PETA ladies look like they are in their fifties and sixties. Halle’s also more talented in acting than Pamela Anderson can ever hope to be in my view. Naked protests do nothing to help animals. It just makes the women who do it look like idiots. If someone wants to criticize animal rights, let them. It’s not fair for you to force your views on people and tell them they are not allowed to express theirs. This is America, and everyone has a right to their opinion. Try going after Halle Berry for not agreeing with you, and you’ll have a bunch of angry fans of hers on your butt.

  • Big Bear

    Oh, before I forget, I agree this guy shouldn’t have resorted to stereotypes to criticize animal rights. However, he does have a right to his opinion, and people should respect it, even if they don’t agree with it. Forcing an opinion on someone will only make them mad.

  • Elaine Vigneault

    What a jerk. He’s definitely on my shitlist now.

  • erin

    go gitem’ Elaine ;)

  • The Discerning Brute

    In case he didn’t make it clear HE LIKES WOMEN IN BIKINIS! HE’S STRAIGHT! I SWEAR!

    All I want to know is this: how many Animal Rights meetings has Gutfeld been to? Is this journalism based on anything other than his personal disdain for people who are compassionate? I mean, really…

    He is such a dweeb. And who the hell is he to judge who is attractive? The man looks like a Gnome!

  • erin

    lol tdb- a gnome. hilarious (if it weren’t an insult to gnomes ;)

    i can’t believe no posts on ER for going on 3 days now :(


  • maddison

    I am a PETA supporter through and through but one must recognize the humor in this. Redeye is based on shock-value. Unfortunately, many of the rednecks watching agree with Greg’s exaggerated views. There’s enough room in the media for all opinions, not just yours, weather it be right or wrong.

  • Humane Mewsings

    This guy is disgusting. It’s really not surprising that FOX News gives airtime to this idiot and his demeaning drivel. I wonder what Greg does to help people or make the world a better place? My guess is not much.

  • Michelle

    Hey, look I love animals but when animals like cows and chickens are raised for food and nutrition then there is no harm in that. Even Jesus ate chicken and fish back in the time. I won’t wear fur and I love dogs and my dogs are treated as well as I treat my kids. But peta crosses the line when they try to get the public to change their ways to vegan. We don’t try to change peta people to eat meat so why do they try to change us to not eating meat. Peta has bigger causes to battle, why do they want to start shit by aggatating the general public. And by they way….That guy is funny.

  • Inga Ambrosia

    I’m a vegan and I know IM HOT! But he’s NOT so there.. :)

  • JayP

    Can you imagine if an AR person referred to Hitler in this way? I for one am tired of ‘man’s arrogance’.

    Michelle…you need to educate yourself about the ‘harm’ that DOES take place in the raising of your food never mind the garbage that the animals consume before you consume them….

  • Steph

    WTF with the Halle Berry booster XD And I beg to differ…she is NOT HOT and a SHIT ACTRESS.


    RE “Jesus ate chicken and fish”

    1-I HATE THE WHOLE “in cave man days we did this” it was a different TIME then. People raised their own meat and didn’t eat NEARLY as much as we do today. They VALUED it, not stuffed it, unknowingly and with out care, down their throats knowing they can just stroll to the supermarket to buy more. You want to use that argument…LIVE LIKE THAT…then come talk to me.

    2-God’s ideal world in the garden of Eden…NO ONE and NOTHING killed each other including for food. People are so into God and Jesus….why wouldn’t you want to STRIVE TO LIVE AS HE INTENDED?

    Cows and chickens raised for food does plenty of harm to the animals and the environment. Genetically altered to be more profitable (what would Jesus have to say about THAT?!)Animal foods eaten as they are today are major contributors to heart disease and linked to cancer.

    To me that is plenty of harm.

  • Steph

    Also, for activist and people that want to educate themselves a bit more. Here is a GREAT Vegetarian Christian page (NOT PETA)

    the FAQ is great

    I am not a christian but was raised one and my mom is a decon and we have many many talks on this subject. This FAQ sums it up perfectly for those that claim “well Jesus did it” and “God said Noah can eat meat” ect ect.

    It is a pet peeve of mine when people try to use God to justify violence against animals OR humans.

  • Inga Ambrosia

    Also, The Essene Gospel of Peace.

  • Big Bear


    In my view, Halle Berry is beautiful and a wonderful actress. She has given great and powerful performances in her movies over the course of her career. She injects a lot of emotion into her roles, even if they are only minor. I think she was wonderful as Storm in the X-Men movies, in which she gave the weather witch a gentleness I had rarely seen yet maintaining her tough and independent demeanor. She is one of my favorites, and I have a right to say that. Despite what you probably think, I’m not sucking up to her. I have a right to say Pamela Anderson isn’t as great as you see her to be. I mean, she’s always taking on the role of the dumb blonde in mediocre comedies that are easily forgettable. Even she manages to mess that up. An example of that is Blonde and Blonder, in which she acts like the typical dumb blonde. Her career has gone downhill since Baywatch, and she seems to keep marrying and divorcing just to get attention. Plus, she’s known to be rude to people who don’t share her views on some things. I’m sure you’ll throw a fit when and if she wins a Razzie award for one of her movies.

    Here’s one thing you and other animal rights activists need to keep in mind. Not everyone is going to agree with you. This is America, and people have the right to disagree with you. By the way, I don’t agree with the concept of animal rights. I mean, how can animals have rights when they are incapable of thinking like us or making informed decisions? Animals may feel pain, but the majority of their emotions run solely on instinct. Almost all of them leave their young once they are old enough to fend for themselves or before they are born. Very few have a lifelong attachment to their young.

    I’m all for animal welfare but against animal rights. Most farmers and fur farmers treat their animals with excellent care, as do medical researchers testing on them. They know abused animals will produce poor quality meat and fur. Unhealthy animals don’t make for good test subjects, and not all are used for medical testing. Some are used for behavioral research, such as observing how chimpanzees solve problems. I’m not a fan of fur, but skinning an animal alive for its fur is very dangerous and difficult with the animal struggling and all, and that’s not what American fur farmers do. The animal is killed in a humane manner and then skinned. I have a right to my views, and you and your friends need to respect them, whether you agree with it or not. If you don’t like it, then I have nothing to say to you.

  • Big Bear


    One last note, you have your view on Halle Berry, and I have mine. I’ll leave it at that.

  • The Science Commenter

    Big Bear,

    Let’s say that American fur farmers treat their animals well before slaughter. Ha, ha, ha, joke of 2008.

    You are still forgetting that dozens of big time designers are using imported fur from China, where they don’t “pretend” to give a damn about animal welfare and do abuse animals in their fur factories.

  • Big Bear

    Science Commentator,

    It may be a joke to you, but I did find information on the real fur farms in America. Look on the Fur Commission website at, and you’ll see what I mean. It says furbearers are some of the best tended to livestock and that the healthiest animals make the best pelts. You don’t have to believe it, but it does have that information. I’ve heard about the Chinese fur farms, and that’s horrible, but that isn’t what American fur farmers do. If they did, they’d be put out of business very quickly. Also, keep in mind. When you see videos of horrible animal cruelty, what did it come from? Who filmed it? When was it filmed? Can anyone who was involved be identified by name? Those are questions you need to ask yourself before deciding they are real because they could be staged. I am not trying to change your views, but I’m trying to make you and your friends think a little bit. Have a nice day, and that’s all I have to say.

  • Hateworkmom

    Read the book Skinny Bitch. Then tell me how wonderful the meat industry is.

  • Missy Lane

    thanks for the PETA blogger shout out!

    much love to the ecorazzi!