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Someone should tell FOX News that their latest online venture is playing directly into the hands of the far-left liberal agenda! One of our tipsters (Thanks, Linton!) pushed us towards a new website started by the “fair and balanced” network called “How Green?”. Less than questioning environmental movement, the site is more a aggregtor of green news from around the web — with some original pieces on green tech and products thrown in. It looks to be in the early stages of launch — but just seeing that FOX News logo with the recycling icons around it is making me want to throw up and laugh at the same time.

Seeing this website is particularly ironic after watching Fox and Friends earlier this week belittle kids for trying to get their families to go green. Good one.

But truly, we should look no further as to why FOX News is jumping onto the green scene than from their own Greg Gutfeld:

Being green is just an excuse for self-absorbed saps to prove their superiority without doing anything superior.”

And that, folks, is what FOX News does better than anyone else. Now we know.

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  • Mark @ News Corpse

    Well, remember, Rupert Murdoch does believe in Global Warming that is man-made. Yet he still can’t get his mouthpieces at Fox News to report anything but lies and disinformation.

  • chris tackett

    oh wow, too funny.

    we posted about it here and linked back:

    We’re wondering if it could actually be a smart play for them. Because as people denying that climate change is real are getting laughed out of comment threads on most other sites, this could be a haven for them and lead to a lot of traffic for Fox.

    we have a bunch of the reader comments on our post if you don’t want to give them the pageviews looking them up yourself. :)

  • Serge G

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  • Chris Foley

    I just can’t get over the green poll question on the sidebar: “Is global Warming Real?” Perhaps the question should be “Is How Green real?”

  • Jenney MaC

    I really like this green template by foxnews.

    Jenney MAC

  • Doug

    Moles and trolls, moles and trolls. We believe whatever the media tells us. There is a serious reason for asking if global warming is real because most major scientists are split on the subject. For every one you find that says it is real there is another that says it is simply the natural cycle of the planet. So instead of spewing snide comments about an issue I am sure most of you have never researched try something new, form your own opinion.

  • DemocratsWithGuns

    Doug –
    Why don’t you back up your claims that global warming doesn’t exist with some of your stellar research you claim to have done?
    Fact: As of today, the amount of CO2 in the air, is about 84 parts per million (PPM) above any known record, currently 384 PPM. No record shows CO2 was ever above 300 PPM for extended periods in the last 650,000 years, as it is today. This is about 20% to 25% higher than the normal peak.
    CO2 is proven to cause increases in tempurature and with that, we will find ourselves going into an ice age as a result of the earths normal cooling cycles that happen every 75,000 to 125,000 years precisely because we are at the top of the hottest tempuratures ever known to have existed in 650k years.

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  • Elizabet Nemani

    Nicely presented information in this thread