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Top 5 Most Popular Ecorazzi Stories Of 2008!

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I’m usually late in putting together year-end recaps, but I was looking over traffic numbers the other day and thought a brief mention of our top 5 most popular stories would be somewhat interesting. 2008 was an incredible year of content for Ecorazzi — thousands of posts were dished out. What’s worth mentioning is that the below posts are all based on traffic — and less on discussion. That’s to say there were many other stories where more than 60-100 comments were received. To me, those back-and-forths are truly the most rewarding.

Anyways, have a look below — based on this list, I’m already looking forward to our Top 5 of 2009!


5. MTV Trashes A Piece Of Rainforest For New Reality TV Show | September 2008

While MTV was quick to raise the banner of becoming an eco-friendly network, that effort was perceived a bit thin after news broke in September of environmental damage from one of their new “reality” shows called The Island. Michael Drake from the Tree Climber’s Coalition witnessed first-hand destruction of rainforest habitat and a mess of garbage. Drake wrote, “A large plot of rainforest had been cleared, a pristine Caribbean beach had been trashed, and the creators had simply packed up and left. A family of what appeared to be ‘squatters’ had already moved into one of the buildings left behind.”

Comments left showed frustration with the network for not doing more to clean up the filming site — even if the damage was the result of third parties. A petition was even organized to hold MTV accountable for their actions. Click here to read the full account on Tree Climber’s website.


4. Jenny McCarthy Strikes Back At Amanda Peet On Child Vaccinations | September 2008

One of our most interesting story arcs of 2008 was the war of  words between Jenny McCarthy and Amanda Peet over childhood vaccinations and the “greening” of vaccines. The controversy reached a fever pitch in late September when McCarthy responded to Peet’s earlier comments that parents who do not vaccinate their children are parasites. “(Peet) has a lot of [nerve] to come forward and be on that side, because there is an angry mob on my side, and I like the fact that I can say she’s completely wrong,” she said in an interview with Spectrum Magazine.

Support for both sides came gushing forward — with over 400 comments on the post alone. Wade through the first 200 or so and an incredible debate forms with valuable information for anyone looking to catch up on the subject. NPR recently caught up with Peet last week to talk about her views on childhood vaccinations — and as expected, another 100 or so commenters have been going back and forth once again. Look for this issue to continue drawing attention in 2009.


3. Spinal Tap’s Global Warming Guitar Now Available On eBay! | January 2008

After Spinal Tap made a surprise reunion at Live Earth 2007, the group decided to auction off Nigel Tufnel’s one-of-a-kind, custom-made Ernie Ball Global Warming guitar that he played at the concert. The instrument, which eventually sold for almost $20K on eBay, had some pretty awesome features. Laser engraved figured maple top depicting a flaming Earth Real snow globe with Al Gore figurine, “Presidential Seal” and volume-activated lighting Knobs in the shape of an ice cube and an Egyptian pyramid. There was even a “Blackberry” compartment in the back of the guitar containing a small faux blackberry fruit. Genius.

All of the money raised eventually went to the Casey Lee Ball Foundation, a non-profit organization working for the advancement of pediatric kidney research. Whoever the lucky winner is, we hope they’re rocking out to 11 and enjoying making the Earth a bit warmer with their jams.


2. Edward Norton’s Obama Documentary Gets A Hollywood Ending | November 2008

Back in early March, I had casually heard that actor Edward Norton had been quietly filming since 2006 a documentary on Barack Obama. After the Democratic nominee won the election on November 4th, I thought it would be a good time to revisit that project — especially since its story of a longshot nominee becoming President-elect was so incredible.

HBO had quietly been waiting for the results as well — since Norton’s production team had promised the network first rights to buy the footage if Obama in fact won in November. As an update, we can say that HBO did in fact act fast, scooping up the footage for a low seven figures around November 7th. It’s expected that it will run the documentary during Obama’s first 100 days in office. “We believe this film will capture a tipping point in American history, when a new generation of leadership emerged and old prejudices were finally vaulted over,” Norton said.

Note to Santa: HBO for Christmas, please.


1. Johnny Depp To Power His Caribbean Island With Solar Hydrogen Tech | July 2008

Our top story of the year probably had more to do with the world’s love of new Johnny Depp news than excitement of his plans to harness hydrogen power. The actor purchased a 35-acre island in the Caribbean (which he affectionately calls “F*ck Off Island”) for $3 million. In an interview with the Huffington Post, inventor Mike Strizki said that Depp was third in line to recieve a custom-built grid-independent solar hydrogen system from him. To fully power his retreat on the island, Strizki estimated that the cost would be between $250,000-$500,000. As we mentione then, it sounded like a deal for unlimited, clean energy on the island. Then again, since Depp is so dreamy, we wouldn’t be surprise if Strizki just does it for free.

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