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ray_dg_recipeThe most recent issue of Modern Dog highlighted Rachel Ray’s new dog food line “Nutrish” with a cover story and an exclusive recipe from the famous cooking personality titled “Isaboo’s Butternut Squash Mac and Cheddar”. The dish was named after her pitbull, Isaboo, who loves squash. Problem is, the dish was only intended for humans — especially because it contains onions, which are toxic to both cats and dogs. The National Inquirer fills in the rest saying,

“Nowhere in the dog magazine did it state that the recipe was intended for humans, not dogs. And the text accompanying the recipe contained a disclaimer warning owners to check with their dogs’ veterinarians, again leading many to believe the recipe was for dogs. Dr. Dana Harman, D.V.M., of Boca Raton, Fla, explains that onions can cause “potentially fatal hemolytic anemia” in dogs.”

Making matters worse, as Cele|bitchy points out,

“The recipe is still on Rachel Ray’s “Everyday” Magazine website under a “Pet Friendly” header and accompanied by a photo of her dog looking like he’s chowing down on the dish – which again contains onion.”

Understandably, quite a few people are upset at Rachel Ray’s misleading recipe — as well as the website’s decision to not make a more explicit disclaimer that the meal is not intended for dogs. Hopefully, no pets have been seriously harmed — but the peeps over at Ray’s site need to wake up from their holiday comas and change that site asap!

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  • Kristin

    Yet another reason to hate that woman!

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  • e

    hell she’s already sickening people with the unhealthy food she encourages people to eat. why not kill their pets too. ugly fat biotch.

  • leslie@ the oko box

    did anyone notice the article is about how the dog isaboo died? she dedicated the toxic recipe to her dead dog… how aweful is that???

  • Steph

    PLUS….she supports BREEDERS/puppy mills.

    Wow…someone needs to slap her into reality.

  • Hil

    Her dog Isaboo is alive and well, her old dog Boo died a few ago at the age of 13.

  • Sara

    I didn’t think there could possibly be a word worse than “EVOO”. There is. It’s “nutrish”. *runs screaming*

  • Vegan Fast Food

    Sounds like someone didn’t do their homework.

  • Di

    ha! sara, i totally agree on that.

  • Wacky Dave

    I think you are all a bit twisted. Rachel Ray is wonderful. The food she features on her shows is usually great stuff. I have prepared 80% of all of her recipes and I love them.

    She is not an animal hater. But, if you’re dumb enough to prepare some freaky expensive fancy recipe for your dog, then I guess you might have a bit too much time on your hands and money in your pocket.

    Get over it.

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  • jeanruss

    We feed our dog the same organic food we eat and she is doing much better than when she was fed organic dog food. She eats onions and has not had a problem. Her vet says she is in exceptional health. Her allergies have disappeared and she has tremendous energy and plays all day long. Obviously there must be a certain level of onions to cause a problem. If you eat large amounts of any substance, it can ruin your health. Exactly how much needs to be ingested to cause death or serious illness? The only vegetable my dog won’t eat is celery. She loves fruit and organic meats. Common sense needs to be applied to our lives again. I like knowing what my dog is really eating and I am glad not to have to worry what chemical is in her food.


    I know doggies are not supposed to have large amounts of onions, but sometimes I let my mutts have my food (even if it has a few mushed bits of onion in it) and they are fine n’ healthy n’ old n’ vegan.

  • erin

    dear wacky,

    there are so many reasons i can see you aren’t a true animal lover. let’s analyze your email and see how many we can find.

    here’s the first- you eat rachel ray’s food (unorganic meat anyone?) that’s the first dead giveaway (pun intended)

    oh looky, here’s another. you ridicule people and call them “dumb” for fixing fancy recipes for their dogs. Yet you prepare them for yourself. So you have said that you think you’re more important than your pets (if you have any which I doubt – if so I feel truly sorry for them)

    That’s just the starter. If it weren’t New Years eve and I didn’t have to go I’d continue… later. later.


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