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Just because Governor Sarah Palin is taking a brief respite from the spotlight (Sadly, she will probably be back) doesn’t mean PETA is keen to let her off the hook. The former Republican Vice-Presidential nominee is well known for her thin animal rights record — and PETA is giving everyone the chance to chuck a virtual snowball her way.

It’s all part of a new online game that also includes Madonna, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, and the Colonel from KFC. “Make the holidays safe by fighting back against notorious animal abusers,” the site says. Turns out not everyone in Palin-land is taking the dig quietly.

According to PETA, someone claiming to be a Palin rep called the organization and threatened to sue if the game wasn’t taken down. PETA’s Vice President Bruce Friedrich said, “Sarah Palin is a bully who never saw an animal she didn’t want to kill, so it’s not surprising that her staff would try to intimidate us anonymously and then backtrack when called out. Our game represents a fun way to focus attention on a very serious subject — cruelty to animals supported by Sarah Palin and other targets of the game — and we have no intention of taking it down in response to these pathetic attempts at intimidation.”

According to the LA Times, Palin’s Communications Director, Bill McAllister, says the whole thing is a lie. “We take all kinds of shots all the time,” he says.”We realize we’re a fair target. I could care less about the game.”

Care to throw a snowball? Check out the game here.

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  • Vegan Red Robin Menu

    Even after her campaign for VP she’s still getting mixed statements sent out. Do her people ever get anything straight?

  • John Skookum

    What’s more likely: that the famously fearless and thick-skinned Sarah Palin threatened PETA over this, or that one of her more zealous fans did so on her behalf, or that PETA phoned it in themselves as a can’t-miss publicity stunt?

  • tim

    Ugh. Can’t stand her.