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71bf2667What’s the only thing worse than a fur-wearer? A PROUD fur-wearer! Honestly, with all the information out there about the fur industry it’s surprising that any person could be proud to support this terribly brutal practice. However, one designer is indeed beaming with pride over his cruel ways.

TMZ recently caught up with Project Runway’s Santino Rice and asked him how he would update Santa’s outfit. Rice said, “It would only be made out of the best materials, and of course real fur.” When asked who his favorite fur hag is, the cruel designer responded, “Oh there’s so many, but I love them all. I proudly use fur.”

But here’s the best part, while he says the words, “I proudly use fur” he flashes a peace sign! A peace sign!!! Seriously? One can only wonder how fur-free fashion icon Tim Gunn feels about Rice’s ignorant ways!

Check out the video for yourself at!

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  • jamie lynn

    from the way he is speaking, maybe he is joking? he’s being sort of monotone, which people tend to do when they are being sarcastic.

  • Misty Snatchwrath

    Ridiculous. I suppose it’s a good thing most people who are featured on this show go absolutely nowhere after they’ve littered the world with their inconsequential views and ideas for a season of not-worth-watching television…

  • jlp

    I was never a fan of Santino’s, but bravo to him for his stand on fur!

  • erin

    I love it how the fur supporters on here always have these mysterious initials that they hide behind. come jlp- have some balls and tell us your name. oh, right. that’s what i thought. most fur wearers who like to wear pelts of tortured cute furry animals don’t have any.

    happy new year


  • Kyle

    Someone should skin his face and fashion a pair of booties out of his beard.

  • misty snatchwrath

    “Bravo for his stance on fur”? Are you some sort of moron? How would you feel if your dog or cat were skinned so some stupid, vain cretin could parade around with her pelt around her neck? You wouldn’t like it, would you. Think before you type, jackass, if that’s not asking too much.

    Fur is a cruel and unnecessary business and does little more than show a person’s inner ugliness.

  • aron

    He’s obviously aware of his lack of talent so he needs to be provocative to bring light on him.
    The thing is that people like him are actually bad publicity for the fur industry

  • Inga Ambrosia

    Translation: “I proudly use fur [because I don’t know any better, plus it’s the only way I can feel superior.]”

    Bloody fashion…

  • e

    lol Inga. So true. He really is so unattractive it’s difficult to look at that picture. I don’t understand why his ugly face is on TV.

  • leslie@ the oko box

    It’s sad that people try to get in the spotlight by taking a stand opposite of what is right for shock factor… from watching the video he obviously didn’t really even care about what he was saying- it wasnt very well thought out, and he was going for the “coolness” factor. For vegans and Peta, etc. it’s not cool- but for a huge chunk of america who thrive off of being jerks, rednecks, and anit-environmentalists they will think he is being funny and cool.
    It’s pretty lame how TV is these days.

  • lucille

    One look at his photo and all I can think is this guy looks like gutter sewage. His stance on fur just confirms it.