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Having successfully help stop a liquefied natural gas terminal from being constructed off the coast of Malibu, California two years ago, Pierce Brosnan is now turning his attention towards a similar setup in his native Ireland.

The $700-million dollar project would see the construction of the country’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal on a 257 acre site located on the Shannon Estuary. Those in opposition contend that there’s been little review of the environmental or safety impact of such a project. “The most serious environmental concern is that up to 100 million gallons of chlorinated seawater will be pumped into the estuary daily, causing serious environmental damage to this SAC area,” the Safety Before LNG website says. “The withdrawal and discharge of huge volumes of seawater would affect marine life by killing ichthyoplankton and other micro-organisms forming the base of the marine food chain unable to escape from the intake area.”

In a letter to the Kerry County Council, Brosnan and his wife Keeley express their reservations over the “fast-tracked and piecemealed” proposal. They also bring up their findings with their fight against BHP Billiton in Malibu saying, “What we found was a massive, industrial facility that would have polluted our community in violation of existing air-quality laws and that posed serious long-term risks to public safety and security. We strongly support Safety Before LNG’s request that the planning department find that this project and its associated pipeline must be thoroughly reviewed for the serious cumulative risks it poses for the local population and the environment.”

Hmmm…should be interesting to see if opponents to the installation can gain enough voices to have a serious impact on this project going forward. Malibu was fortunate to have so many celebrities that could drive media attention to the issue. Will Brosnan’s voice be enough to rally support?

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