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We all know Mel Gibson is a movie star, but the guy’s stage presence is pretty crappy when it comes to speeches. Even a teleprompter can’t save him from reading his way through this award presentation during Global Green’s 2008 Sustainable Design Awards. The 53-year-old actor was on hand to give the 2008 Product Industrial Design Award to Green Rubber, Inc. — which is developing  a non-toxic and recyclable rubber. Gibson is a primary investor in the venture (as is Bruce Willis). Check out the clip below:

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  • Mike@EcoSalon

    Oh dear. Painful. You’d think if he was an investor, he’d be able to muster a bit more enthusiasm (not to mention professionalism).

    Perhaps Bruce Willis should save the day next time.

  • RemyC

    The video is gone… Do you have another link?

    Green rubber is great, but it’s always been green. Any fetish fan of natural latex has known this since the first issue of Skin Two magazine.

    Seems like every star in Hollywood feels the need to do something green just to run with the pack.

    Maybe Mickey Rourke will break the trend, having the good sense to chuck that silly lemon juice clock away to his handlers at the Golden Globe awards.

    Let’s get real here.