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Was browing around Al Gore’s blog this afternoon when I came across this photo of him working in his office. It’s from a Time magazine article on the former V.P. written in May 2007 — and hinting at Gore’s potential to be a 2008 Presidential candidate. We all know how that turned out, but I thought I’d post this photo here for those that have never seen it. I’ve heard a messy desk is indicative of an orderly mind, but wow — someone needs to get Danny Seo into this guy’s room quick!

Image credit: Time

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  • hil

    glad to see Al Gore is as fond of using his desk drawers as I am :).

  • gabriel

    Three 30-inch monitors? You can justify maybe one if you’re doing professional photo or movie editing, but three just makes you a dick.

    The electronics in that room are eating up at least four kilowatts (not including the lights and whatever gadgets are not visible). He could be spending a fraction of that if he used a laptop instead, it’s not like he _needs_ that kind of a setup to do his work. A perfect example of preaching one thing and doing another.

  • heather

    I cannot wait to see Al Gore during the speaker series tour!

    I just got my tickets… if you guys are interested, here are the presale codes for NYC, Chicago, and Boston




    CODE: 2009PUNDIT

  • RemyC

    He must not type very much, because there’s no resting pad for his wrist below the keyboard, which is at the edge of the desk.