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michelle-obama-speakingQuestion of the day: will Michelle Obama wear fur on Inauguration Day? At least that’s the question our friends over at the Humane Society are asking.

Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of the HSUS, has just published a blog entry asking the soon-to-be first lady to go fur-free and offering “fantastic alternatives if she has the least bit of temptation.”

Pacelle writes: “Like Jackie Kennedy, Michelle Obama represents generational change from her predecessors—and it’s a generation far more attuned to animal protection concerns. It is my fervent hope that Michelle Obama sets the right example for all of her admirers by not wearing fur on Inauguration Day, or on any day for that matter.”

So far the Obama’s have adopted a rescued dog, acknowledged the global destruction occuring at the hands of factory farming, and encouraged children to eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Therefore I have the utmost confidence that when it comes to cruelty, Michelle Obama will just say NO!

  • Di

    I can’t imagine she would think to wear fur! That would not be a wise move.

  • Deena

    I think this lady is super conscious of her actions. I have faith she will not wear fur.

  • Hil

    Has she ever worn fur?

  • Jess

    No difference between fur and wearing leather or eating meat.

  • John

    Check your facts Parrish, they have not adopted a dog yet…

  • kelly g.

    Not only have they *not* adopted a dog yet, but there’s still rumors on the internets that they plan on buying one.

  • Amy

    Is it customary for the 1st lady to wear fur?? =(

  • Aelys

    Somehow I have the feeling she had not even thought of wearing fur. Has she even ever worn any?

  • Pierre

    Based on the media reports of her sartorial decisions so far and their impacts, her inauguration style will no doubt be widely copied.

    so going fur-free for the event, regardless of whatever she wore in the past, is really really really important.

  • Carie

    Parrish – totally posting this on my Facebook page!

    I hope the first lady makes the right choice to set an example and go fur free.

  • Pierre

    @Jess — have you seen the footage of the raccoon dog skinned alive? or

    be warned, it’s harrowing.

  • Adriana

    She did wear fur, according to a New Yorker profile (she left her mink someplace). Let’s hope that’s all behind her. I bet it is.

  • Nika

    Does it mean she doesn’t wear leather neither and is a vegetarian? Well, no! On the contrary! She loves leather and is being spotted in leather all the time. Why is wearing fur considered a big NO but wearing leather is OK? And what about eating meat? I mean, if we go around killing cattle for leather and meat and see nothing morally wrong in that, why it is immoral to wear fur? It’s slightly hypocritical, isn’t it? I wear leather and silk, and eat meat… and yes, I also like wearing fur. And I do not see anything wrong in it since all my fur has the Origin Assured label ( so I know that it comes from a country where they care about animal welfare. Nika