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These days being a vegetarian is not only SUPER environmental-friendly, but SUPER easy! With delicious, healthier alternatives out there for just about everything you could imagine, living a cruelty-free life is a cinch. From faux-meats to soy cheese, vegans and vegetarians have a plethora of cruelty free options…but there is one item that has never been replicated.

Therefore, in the style of the hit Bravo television show Top Chef, PETA is launching a contest to find a fine dining chef capable of making a vegan foie gras that’s indistinguishable in taste and texture from the real thing. The winner of the contest (which is only open to professional chefs) will win a $10,000 prize and two runners-up will each receive $1,000 worth of professional kitchen equipment.

So if you know (or are) a professional chef that’s up for the challenge, visit and get all the details. Oh yeah, and please pack your knives and go. (I’ve always really wanted to say that.)

  • Elaine Vigneault

    Sadly, my first reaction was: that money could save a lot of shelter dogs. PETA has come out in favor of euthanizing healthy dogs through the logic that there are limited resources so the money should go to save as many animals as possible. However, when PETA spends money on anything other than direct animal rescue, they undermine their own argument.

    Personally, I think PETA should simply stick to things like this faux foie gras contest and stay out of animal rescue entirely.

  • herwin

    The problem with shelter dogs seems to be a lack of people wanting to adopt them. Luckely with the recent attention of soon-to-become Commander in Chief and his Vice President for homeless shelter dogs, there might be some hope.

    pesonaly i wouldn eat vegan Foie Grass. But this contest is for profesional cooks only and certainly will stimulate a discussion about cruel products like Foie Gras in these profesional circles.

    many people especially young people really become veggie after learning more through PETA, many good changes through peta action alerts like their tireless work against fur, so i def support peta.
    yeah, dont wupport euthenasia of healthy dogs, but thats hardly a question of money, sdaly enough.

  • kelly g.

    What, no vegan Rocky Mountain Oysters?