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What do you give star that has everything? An eco-friendly, water-powered clock, natch! Access Hollywood was on hand to give Bedol clocks ($19.99) to Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, and Mickey Rourke. All of the stars are nominated for tonight’s Golden Globes Awards. While Leo was gracious in receiving the gift, Rourke was less than interested. Check out the video below:

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  • Cabi

    Yet another attempt to cash in on the eco-boom. This is not “water powered”. In fact, if you filled it up with pure water it would not work at all. The power is not coming from the water and salt mix that you pour into the clock. Instead it comes from the electrodes in the clock and the liquid just acts as an electrolyte allowing the reaction to take place.

    Eventually the electrodes will wear out and the thing won’t work, no matter how much water you pour in. Not only that, but producing the electrodes (copper and zinc rods) is very much environmentally damaging and requires a lot of energy. So essentially you’re just buying an incredibly inefficient battery. A simple clock that gets its electricity from an outlet is much, much more environmentally friendly even if the electricity that powers it was generated by burning coal.

  • olSnake

    I would say a wind-up clock would would be a lot simpler and greener!