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What the Earthlings is going on?

Omnivorous celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is taking one for the team (the VEG team, that is) by hosting a new series that will reveal the “dark secrets” of pork production.

Oliver received praise last year when he attempted to educate the world on the cruel and miserable chicken industry, and hopes to increase awareness with a new 90-minute television special.

Jamie Saves Our Bacon will premiere on the UK’s Channel 4 and urge the EU to set tougher minimum welfare standards for farmers and more honest labeling about how their animals are treated.

“How many people outside of the industry know the difference between outdoor-bred and outdoor-reared, for example?” asked Oliver. “Not many.“

Here at the Razz we think raising the standards for animals is always awesome and look forward to seeing what Jamie has in store for us! To find out more about this program, visit the Channel 4 website!

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  • Donald

    Jamie Oliver Kills Animals – “Humane Myth”

  • herwin

    really great. this will raise so much awarenes and will translate in many new veggies. especially because the messenger isnt a veggie but a famous carnivour, who is just sincerely interested in reducing animal cruelty.

  • Vegan Eating Out

    Though I don’t like to see him killing anything at least he makes the attempt to do it as humane as he can and show people the reality behind their food. I only wish he would show his audience how it’s done outside of his show too so they could further consider what they’re eating.

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