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lil-wayne-bm01I can’t say that Lil Wayne pops up  in my conversations regularly, but it just so happens that earlier this week I got into a deep talk about Lil Wayne’s recent infatuation with playing the electric guitar (rather poorly, I might add).

However, the music star has redeemed himself by generously donating $200,000 to help rebuild a New Orleans, Louisiana playground he grew up in. The donation was given via his youth empowerment organization One Family Foundation.

Wayne tells Louisiana’s WWLTV, “You can’t really tell them (kids) what to do these days. When you tell them what to do, that’s when they get angry, when you tell them (to) be like me, because it’s hard to be like me. So, the best thing you can tell them is try to do right.”

So hey, maybe Lil Wayne’s gotta a “lil” work to do on the guitar, but it’s sure nice to see that he’s skilled in the art of giving! Good work!!

  • Renate

    Lil wayne I luv your music your music is raw the way u carry your self your swag is ridiculus omg I LUV U!!!!!! What eva u doing dont EEEEEvvvvvveeerrrrr STOP please thanks for being involved in my life!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU

  • Elaine Vigneault

    That’s awesome.
    My husband grew up in New Orleans. He’d be glad to see a park restored. Lil Wayne is going a good thing :)

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